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Public function will compensate with 20 days per year worked interns who do not achieve a place




The Ministry of Public Function has launched in its latest proposal, already communicated to the autonomous communities and unions, that the interns who do not pass the stabilization process of their positions (opposition) be compensated with 20 days per year worked. And with a cap of 12 monthly payments.

«With the aim of reducing temporary employment to below 8% of structural positions in all Administrations, a new process of stabilization of temporary employment will be articulated. This process will affect all positions of a structural nature, budgetary endowed, temporarily and uninterruptedly occupied. at least in the previous three years as of December 31, 2020 and that they have not been included in the stabilization processes provided for in the Agreements for the Improvement of Public Employment of the years 2017 and 2018 “, reads the last text of the draft that the Public Function handles, and to which has had ABC access.

These opposition processes are expected to affect more than 310,000 interns of the Public Administration, although union sources point more towards the 800.000. Be that as it may, the horizon to have the procedures resolved is at the end of 2024. «The job offers that articulate these stabilization processes must be approved and published in the respective official gazettes before December 31, 2021, the publication of the calls of the selection processes for the coverage of the places included in the public employment offers must take place before December 31, 2022. The resolution of these selection processes must end before December 31, 2024 “, the document states.

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In the case of interns who do not pass the tests, beyond receiving the aforementioned compensation, they would be included in specific interim job boards or would be integrated into existing ones. «Those candidates who, having participated in the selective process corresponding and not having passed this, if they have obtained the score that the call considers sufficient, “adds the draft.

Thus, the vacancies in which interim appointments are to be filled “as soon as possible.” «Once the interim staff service relationship ends due to the completion of the maximum term of three years to remain as such, that position can only be covered by career civil servant staff, unless the corresponding selection process had been left void, in which case another temporary appointment may be made, “the text adds.

CSIF sources, for their part, indicate that it has there have been advances in the negotiation of the terms will put an end to the excess of temporary employment in the Administration and the fraudulent use of the temporary staff. They cannot indicate that they are satisfied, but that there have been improvements in the proposed conditions. Even so, union sources point out that there are still issues to include: «The stabilization process must be made compatible with the mobility and internal promotion of permanent staff and clearly establish guarantees of compliance with the stabilization agreement, so that the same does not happen. than with the agreements signed in 2017 and 2018, among other issues.

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