Friday, September 24

Public Health experts applaud restrictions

Shopping atmosphere during the December long weekend in Alicante.

Experts in Public Health, Doctors in the ICUs of the province and representatives of Nursing warn that we are heading for a new strict confinement, such as the one decreed in the first months of the pandemic, if during these next holidays we are not able to contain the virus.

“If we follow the current line of progressive increase in infections we are doomed to confinement”, underlines the doctor and president of the Association of Family and Community Nursing, José Ramón Martínez Riera.

Like the specialist and member of the Valencian Society of Intensive Medicine, Jose Maria Nuñez, from the ICU of the Hospital del Vinalopó, applauds that the Consell has hardened the restrictions for Christmas because “although the pandemic does not have the same completely uncontrolled rhythm as in the months of March and April, if the hand is opened for the Three Kings Parade, for example, or thousands of people gather in confined spaces, the outbreak of the virus would collapse the system, ”Nuñez abounds.

The professor of Public Health at the University of Alicante, Carlos Alvarez Dardet, underlines that “people have to understand that we are in a very complicated time, and that trying to mitigate the pandemic should be a priority because right now the Community is in extreme risk and with a tendency to get worse. It points, therefore, its total agreement with the recent measures adopted by the Generalitat, which completely close the entry and exit of the Community until January 15 and reduce the hours. “Getting vaccinated in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak would not be appropriate,” he weighs.

However, Riera emphasizes that for her taste the new restrictions, with being “correct”, they arrive “too late” because a long time ago “it should have been more forceful and we would not have reached these dates with these figures, or they could have been better controlled”, as he pointed out on the occasion of the bridge from December. “With some singularity, because it has been shown that schooling has not been a contagion problem, with reduced and controllable rates, but more forceful measures should have been taken,” he says.

From his daily position in the Vinalopó critics unit, Dr. Nuñez admits that they see the harsh reality of the virus that the general population does not face, “patients who do not leave and families who suffer”, so although he acknowledges that the new restrictions “are not pleasant for anyone”, he also points out that they are “very necessary, there is no need to give it more thought,” he says emphatically.

Given the possible reluctance and signs of rebellion among the population who see their chances of meeting the family restricted, the specialists choose to use themselves as an example. «I see my parents once a month, wearing a mask and walking through a park, we don’t even sit down to have coffee and although it may seem exaggerated to someone, you have to think that there is one last push left in two or three months. To think that we have young people in ICUs with little more than 30 years of age ».

The doctor in Nursing, Martínez Riera, concludes that it is necessary to appeal to the solidarity of collective health, and slaps the rulers on the wrist for not adopting global measures, and not depending on the territory, because it generates «confusion and contradictions ».

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