Wednesday, August 10

Public Health experts demand preventive measures from Health to deal with the omicron variant

That the omicron variant appears in the Valencian Community it may be a matter of days, as has already happened with other strains of coronavirus. Hence, and while the health authorities assess what their real danger may be, Public Health experts ask for extreme precautionary measures. “Transmission must be avoided at all costs, limiting as far as possible the number of social contacts and being very cautious indoors, which is where there is greater risk contagion », warns the president of the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Rafael Ortí.

For the UMH professor, Félix Gutiérrez, lIt is important to determine if this new variant is beyond the efficacy of vaccines, “Because it would force us to reset everything, although it is foreseeable that some degree of protection will offer the vaccines that we already carry against this new variant.” A fact for the relief, adds this professional, «is that the cases of infection being reported from South Africa do not appear to be serious».

Vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate. This is the key, according to Juan Francisco Navarro, president of the Valencian Society of Preventive Medicine, to mitigate the possible effects of this new variant. «We must start as soon as possible with the children and end with the unvaccinated bags what is there at the moment ”and that in the Valencian Community there are close to half a million people. The Public Health expert, José Tuells, believes that it is still too early to measure the effects of this new variant and recalls that during this pandemic the alert has been raised on other occasions for variants “and in the end nothing has happened.” For its part, the Ministry of Health assured yesterday at noon that at the moment no cases of omicron variant have been found in the Valencian Community. This has been assured by Iñaki Comas, one of those responsible for the network of laboratories that in the Valencian Community are in charge of sequencing coronavirus samples to detect new variants.

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At the moment, the researcher pointed out, there are several methods available to detect it. In addition to the sequencing of patient samples, this variant has a number of characteristics that make it also easily detectable in wastewater and by the detection systems available in hospitals.

Taking measures is urgent given the rapid increase in infections that is taking place. The Ministry of Health yesterday notified 796 new cases in the province of Alicante, registered over three days. This is the highest figure in the beginning of the week since last August 30, which shows how the rise of the curve continues. The accumulated number of affected since the health crisis began stands at 193,975.

The number of hospitalized has also experienced a sharp increase in recent days. Yesterday there were 155 people admitted for coronavirus in the province, 24 more than last Friday. You have to go back to September 1 to find a higher figure. However, patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) remained at 29, the same as in the previous review of the data. This number is lower than that given at the beginning of September, with a similar number of hospitalized patients, so that now there are fewer cases that lead to a serious clinical picture.

Has occurred a new death from covid in the province, so that the accumulated death amounts to 3,045. Another person has died in the province of Castellón and two in Valencia, whose death toll from the pandemic reaches a round figure of 4,000. The accumulated in the whole of the autonomous territory is 7,913.

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Throughout the Community Seven outbreaks have been located in the last days with at least a dozen affected, and all of them, except one, have occurred in the educational field. One of these episodes has occurred in Torrevieja and affects 17 people. Active cases in the three provinces amount to 10,559. They are 1,717 more than those that were last Friday. Meanwhile, the discharges in the autonomous community in three days have been 1,142, less than half of the new positives.

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