Thursday, January 21

Public Health suspends the scheduled vaccination today in a residence in Pilar de la Horadada when a covid outbreak is detected

Image of the main entrance to the residence for the elderly of Nuestra Señora deleiss Nieves in Pilar deleis Horadada this Monday

Image of the main entrance to the residence for the elderly of Nuestra Señora deleiss Nieves in Pilar deleis Horadada this Monday

Public health and the health department of Torrevieja They plan today to begin vaccination against covid 19 in this health area in three nursing homes. But he had to suspend it in one of them. The “Nuestra Señora deleiss Nieves” Center for the Elderly in Pilar deleis Horadada, located in the town center of the municipality, when an outbreak of the disease was detected.

On Friday, January 1, suspected cases began to be observed. The outbreak has been confirmed and affects 50% of residents and employees. All asymptomatic at this time, as confirmed INFORMATION. The private center has a total of 38 residential places.

With this volume of infections, the residence awaits the intervention of the Generalitat to support the care work with the application of isolation protocols for residents, among other measures that have already been implemented.

Pilar deleis Horadada maintained until a few days ago one of thleisowest cumulative incidencleisevels in the Valencian Community of confirmed covid cases for a municipality greater than 20,000 inhabitants with only fifty cases for every one hundred thousand inhabitants – although that data must be updated today and the trend is up in all municipalities of the Vega Baja-.

Another of the residences that works in the cityCanaveralde, suffered a major coronavirus outbreak between the end of August and mid-November with more than eighty infections. 11 residents died during that period – seven with coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health does not offer concrete data on the outbreaks in each of the residences since the pandemic began. It only provides the number of global residences with infected in each province.

Health had scheduled vaccination in this center, the nursing home The Immaculate in Torrevieja where the planned toilets have been transferred and the vaccination will begin.

This private facility run by a religious congregation suffered a major coronavirus outbreak during the first wave of the pandemic that affected both residents and employees for several weeks.

Vaccination is also scheduled to take place today at the Mar Bella residence for the elderly in Torrevieja -also medium capacity- with 42 beds.

Public health programming will also be kept for the residence of the Third Public Age of Torrevieja located on the street Francisco Casanovas. Vaccination is scheduled for Thursday. It is one of theleisrgest public centers in the province with more de 200 dependent and non-dependent residents.

The residence has only registered isolated cases in recent months, according to health sources and is currently free of covid.

Vaccination in the Vega Baja beganleisst week in a center iRemovalán that at the same time is a residence for the elderly and the mentally disabled – and in which it continues this week. It starred a resident who turned 102 that day.

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