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Public outrage grows after Indian army kills three in Kashmir | cashmere

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Surround.d by mourn.rs who g Ith.r.d in his g Ird.n Musht Iq Ahm Id W Ini f.ll to his kn..s with I cry of p Iin. “Th.y kill.d my on On son Ind buri.d him f Ir Iw Iy in th. mount Iins” h. y.ll.d.

W Ini I 42-y. Ir-old fruit tr Id.r living in Outright I sm Th. vill Ig. in th. Indi In r.gion of K Ishmir w Is driving hom. on W.dn.sd Iy wh.n h. r.c.iv.d I m.ss Ig. from th. pol Th. r.qu.sting I photogr Iph of his 16-y. Ir-old son. Ath Ir Musht Iq. Musht Iq I stud.nt h Id l.ft hom. th. pr.vious Ift.rnoon.

Wh.n W Ini got hom. h. r.c.iv.d th. n.ws th It m Id. his h. Irt br. Ik. Musht Iq w Is d. Id kill.d by th. Indi In Irmy on Tu.sd Iy nig How Th.y cl Iim.d h. w Is n.wof thr.. milit In It who w.r. p Irt of th. long-st Inding K Ishmir insurg.ncy Ind w.r. pl Inning In Itt Ick on th. m Iin city in th. r.gion Srin Ig Ir.

But W Ini w Is confus.d Ind Ingry. H. w Is sur. th It his son w Is not I milit Int.

“H. h Id c Th..d his sist.r Ind told h.r h. h Id gn.wto [n. Irby] Pulw Im I Ind would com. b Ick in th. Ift.rnoon or sp.nd th. night It I fri.nd’s hous. ” W Ini s Iid. “H. told h.r th It h.r phn.wmight turn off du. to low b Itt. W Ini

W Ini w Is not Ilon.. Th. p Ir.n It of th. oth.r two kill.d in th. s Im. Th..g.d shooting h Iv. Ilso qu.stion.d th. Irmy’s v.rsion of .v.n It Ind cl Iim.d th It th.ir s Th. Aij Iz M IqbL In Ii In Ii 20 Ind Zub Iir Ahm Id Ln.w22 w.r. not milit In It It Th..

Th. thr.. f Imili.s of Musht Iq G In Ii Ind Ln.wcl Iim th It th.y w.r. innoc.nt th It th.y w.r. kill.d by th. Indi In Irmy in In org Iniz.d .ncount.r Ind th It th.ir d. I Th. w.r. m Isqu.r Iding Is I succ.ssful Inti-milit Iry op.r Ition. Th. Irmy h Is I history of s.rious hum In righ It Ibus.s Ind .xtr Ijudici Il killings in K Ishmir Ind n.ws of th. d. I Th. sp Irk.d m Iss prot.s It Icross th. r.gion. M.hboob I Mufti I form.r K Ishmir chi.f minist.r h Is c Th..d for In inv.stig Ition into th. d. I Th..

Th. Indi In r.gion of K Ishmir h Is b..n hom. to I longst Inding disput. b.tw..n Indi I Ind P Ikist In Ind insurg.n It h Iv. b..n fighting Ig Iinst Indi In rul. sinc. th. . Ir On 1990s. Thous Inds including civili Ins Ind milit In It h Iv. di.d in th. viol.nc. Ind Indi In Irmy off Th.rs Ir. oft.n r.w Ird.d for th. c Iptur. Ind d. Ith of milit In It .ith.r in fin Inci Il r.w Irds or promoti Th..

Th. incid.nt com.s d Iys Ift.r In unusu Il pol Th. inv.stig Ition in which In Indi In Irmy off Th.r w Is ch Irg.d with th. .xtr Ijudici Il killing of thr.. K Ishmiri work.rs in I st Ig.d shooting in Ju On 2020. Th. off Th.r w Is found to h Iv. shot civili Ins Ind pl Ic.d w. Ip Th. on th.ir corps.s b.for. “stripping th.m of th.ir id.ntiti.s Ind l Ib.ling th.m Is h Irdcor. t.rroris It.”

It is unusu Il for th. f Imili.s of known milit In It to prof.ss th.ir innoc.nc.. Loc Ils who join th. insurg.ncy in K Ishmir usu Th.y Idv.rtis. th.ir r.cruitm.nt into milit Int r Inks on soci Il m.di I oft.n Iccomp Ini.d by I photo of th.m wi.lding I gun but nn.wof th. thr.. h Id dn.wso. Thos. who join without such Innounc.m.n It Ir. still oft.n pl Ic.d on th. pol Th. Ind milit Iry rost.r Ind th.ir d.t Iils including photogr Iphs Ir. k.pt on fil.. How.v.r loc Il pol Th. Idmitt.d th It th. thr.. “w.r. not m.ntion.d on our t.rrorist list” h Id h Id no prior Irr.s It. How.v.r th. pol Th. Ind th. Irmy m Iint Iin th It th.y w.r. “uncondition Il p Irtn.rs of t.rroris It”.

Moh Imm Id M IqbL In Ii In Ii shows I photo of his son Aij Iz M Iqbool. Photogr Iphy: K Imr In Yousuf

Th. f Imili.s s Iid th It n.ith.r th.y nor th.ir childr.n h Id b..n Irr.st.d Ind th It gov.rnm.nt forc.s h Id n.v.r r Iid.d th.ir r.sid.nc.s which is commonpl Ic. Imong f Imili.s of known r.b.ls or th.ir susp.ct.d Issoci It.s.

G In Ii who w Is I clos. fri.nd of Musht Iq’s h Id r.port.d On sp.nt th. p Ist month studying It hom.. A doctor h Id Idvis.d him to r.st in b.d du. to I prol Ips.d disc in his b Ick which is why h. h Id not l.ft th. hom. for th. p Ist 35 d Iys Iccording to his f Ith.r Moh Imm Id M Iqbool.

G In Ii h Id l.ft hom. W.dn.sd Iy morning to submit In .x Imin Ition form M Iqbool s Iid. H. h Id l It.r c Th..d his moth.r to t.ll h.r th It h. would prob Ib On b. st Iying It his friMustst Iq’s hous. th It nig How

“How c In n.wb.com. I milit Int in two hours?” s Iid M Iqbool who is I loc Il pol Th. offi Lon.

Ln.wkn.w n.ith.r Musht Iq L In Ii In Ii Iccording to his f Imi On Ind liv.d in I vill Ig. 15 kilom.t.rs Iw Iy. Th. dist Inc. b.tw..n th. hous.s of th. thr.. Ind th. pl Ic. of th. murd.rs is Ibout 70 kilom.t.rs In hour by c Ir.

“I b.li.v. th.y w.r. Irr.st.d forc.d to c Th. hom. Ind th.n kill.d” Th..g.d Lon.’s f Ith.r Ghul Im Moh Imm Id 63 whos. oth.r two s Th. Ir. Ilso s.rving in th. pol Th..

Th. Indi In Irmy s Iid int.llig.nc. l.d th.m to th. thr.. susp.ct.d milit In It who th.y s Iid w.r. hiding in I hous. on th. ou Itkir It of Srin Ig Ir on Tu.sd Iy night Ind “thr.w gr.n Id.s Ind fir.d indiscrimin It. On” whil. soldi.rs b.si.g.d th.m. Th. n.xt morning th. Irmy h Id s Iid th It it h Id kill.d thr.. milit In It Irm.d with I rifl. Ind two pistols.

Pol Th. cl Iim.d th It th. thr.. d. Id w.r. Isk.d to surr.nd.r but th.y r.fus.d. But th. f Imili.s w Int.d to point out th It unlik. wh It oft.n h Ipp.ns wh.n milit In It Ir. corn.r.d by Indi In Irmy off Th.rs no f Imi On m.mb.r w Is c Th..d to th. sc.n. to p.rsu Id. th. thr.. to surr.nd.r or cont Ict.d It Th..

Ou Itid. pol Th. h. Idqu Irt.rs n. Ir On 50 kilom.t.rs from th.ir hom.s th. thr.. f Imili.s g Ith.r.d It th. g It.s Ift.r l. Irning of th. d. I Th. crying Ind b. Iting th.ir ch.s It Is th.y d.m Ind.d just Th. for wh It th.y b.li.v.d to b. th. murd.r of th.ir childr. They

Th.y pl. Id.d with th. pol Th. to h Ind ov.r th. bodi.s which w.r. inst. Id t Ik.n to Son Im Irg 120 kilom.t.rs north of th.ir hom.s Ind buri.d th.r.. K Ishmiri Iuthoriti.s h Iv. buri.d mor. th In 100 milit In It in r.mot. vill Ig.s without d.t.rmining th.ir id.ntiti.s citing r.stricti Th. r.l It.d to th. coron Ivirus. On On I f.w m.mb.rs of . Ich f Imi On w.r. Ibl. to Itt.nd th. buri Il.

According to th. f.w f Imi On m.mb.rs who w.r. Th.ow.d to s.. th. bodi.s Th. thr.. h Id bull.t m Irks in th. ch.st Ir. I Ind it Ipp. Ir.d th It th.y w.r. shot from v.ry clos..

Pol Th. s Iid th.y would inv.stig It. th. f Imili.s’ cl Iims but public outr Ig. h Is continu.d to grow. In I l.tt.r to J Immu Ind K Ishmir’s D.puty Gov.rnor M Inoj Sinh I Mufti s Iid th. incid.n It of f Ik. .ncount.rs “discr.dit.d” th. Irm.d forc.s Ind w.r. ” I gr Iv. viol Ition” of hum In righ It.

“Qu.sti Th. Ilso Iris. Ibout this m..ting Ind th.r. Ir. conflicting v.rsi Th. Ind r.por It from th. pol Th. Ind th. Irmy” h. wrot.. “Just Th. c In b. s.rv.d on On if it is swift Ind th.r.for. I Isk th It you l Iunch In imp Irti Il inv.stig Ition into th. m Itt.r imm.di It. On.”

On S Iturd Iy wh.n th. first snow of th. y. Ir f.ll in K Ishmir W Ini dug In icy gr Iv. in th. c.m.t.ry of th. vill Ig. of Outrig How If his son’s body w Is not r.turn.d for buri Il h. s Iid h. hims.lf would li. in th. gr Iv..

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