Saturday, September 25

Puig and Cantó meet to agree on Citizens’ yes to the budget

Toni Cantó and Ximo Puig, in a file photograph.

Toni Cantó and Ximo Puig, in a file photograph.

If nothing goes wrong, the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the leader of Ciudadanos, Toni Cantó, will unravel on Monday, in a new meeting between the two, the support of Ciudadanos for the Generalitat’s 2021 budgets.

The agreement between Socialists and Citizens to agree to an income tax adjustment in its autonomous section that allows Cantó to present himself as the architect of a reduction in taxes on work income of less than 50,000 euros is practically closed.

He sang wanted a high-level meeting and he will have it on Monday morning, 48 hours before the final vote in the Courts of the fiscal measures law, which includes the amendment to lower taxes, and the Botànic budget for 2021.

Presidential sources confirmed the meeting yesterday, while Cantó considers it a historical fact that the Valencian government of the left is the first in all of Spain to lower taxes after the pressure exerted during these months by Cs.

If the agreement is finalized, it will be the first time in Valencian politics that an opposition party supports the accounts. Ciudadanos would be able to reinforce the useful opposition role that it has sought in recent months and Puig will be able to present itself even outside the Valencian borders with the powerful message that would mean approving the regional budgets with 70 percent support in the Autonomous Chamber, expanding the borders on the left for some accounts that will facilitate the reconstruction and that leave not only the PP with Vox in it.

It remains to be seen how the equation closes and if finally the Botànic partners join the agreement. Yesterday sources from both formations, who have also participated in the negotiations, were waiting to know the details.

After days of offers and counter offers, Ciudadanos assumes that there will be a reduction of half a point in the regional section for incomes of less than 50,000 euros and a saving for Valencians close to 100 million.

Income of less than 50,000 euros will save between 125 and 150 euros; those of up to 65,000 about 55 to 65 euros and those of more than 80,000 euros about eight, so that only the tax is raised to those of more than 140,000 euros as a pact at the time the tripartite.

He sang “he does what he can”

The vice president spokesperson, Mónica Oltra, said yesterday that the budgets are approved “when the Courts vote”, in reference to the meeting on Monday at the Palau and given the possible support of Ciudadanos, and added: “He sang does what he wants and what it can, above all it can.

Oltra, also the leader of Compromís, remarked that it is “a declaration on the part, although everyone is free to say what they see fit,” and that they have no further information. “As far as I know, if the regulation has not changed, and I think not, the budget is closed when the Courts vote.” With some disdain he added that to approve the accounts it is necessary to add more votes in favor than against, without wanting to enter the meeting next Monday.

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