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Puig and Moreno look askance to advance the elections

Ximo Puig and Juanma Moreno.

Ximo Puig and Juanma Moreno.

The growing harmony between Ximo Puig and Juanma Moreno Bonilla in terms of regional financing could lead to a joint electoral call in the autumn of 2022. The Valencian Community does not lose sight of when there will be elections in Andalusia, if they will be made in December, when they play, or will it be a few months before. This decision could lead Puig to consider going to the polls to be held jointly, as is the case with Galicia and the Basque Country, where both presidents even agree on the exact date.

The latest polls published in the Valencian Community have triggered the debate on an electoral advance for next year in the PSPV. The dilemma of elections in April 2023, when applicable, or earlier, is open. The last survey of Levante-EMV, on October 9, gave a broad victory to the sum of PSPV, Compromís and Podemos (the parties of the current Valencian Government), left the sum of PP and Vox without options and confirmed the disappearance of Citizens. The internal data handled by the socialist leadership point to the same scenario. With these numbers, there are many in the party who defend the option of new elections. In fact, it was a recurring conversation between the deputies in the celebration of October 9, the day of the Valencian Community, according to PSPV sources.

But this effervescence is still just pure smoke. The year will end without Andalusia and Castilla y León (the other autonomy that has been evaluating it) going to elections. The next spring is not perceived either, according to sources of the Andalusian PP, as the ideal moment. Stabilizing the pandemic has rekindled consumption and Spain is experiencing an apparent return to normality. And in January, European funds will begin to reach the communities. Moreno Bonilla could think of elections almost on the brink of summer, which would already be identified as a technical advance because the Andalusians play in December. Although this date I would not drag the Valencian Community.

Only in the case of elections in the fall, Puig would value calling at the same time, according to sources around the ‘president’. At that time, if the polls continue to point to such a solid victory, the Socialist president would have some incentives. I would have finished the tourist campaign of the summer, which is a fundamental appointment after the setback that the pandemic has caused in the last two. A circumstance that in Palau they take into account.

The other data that encourages them to coincide with Andalusia is that in this way they scare away a favorable climate for the PP after these elections. Everyone assumes that Juanma Moreno will govern again, that he will be the most voted, of course – the options of the socialist candidate, Juan Espadas, are less, as they recognize in the PSOE – and that this victory will be an encouragement for the popular in the rest of the territories. A triumph of the socialists in Valencia I’d counterbalance that backwind for the PP.

Legal services report

The Andalusian variable also presents a very important handicap: Puig would go to the elections alone, without the pull in the vote that coincides with the municipal. And the same problem would be presented to Compromís, which, like the Socialists, has a great structure and great local roots. This raises many doubts, according to the sources consulted. In 2019 the Valencian leader decided to advance them a month, to April, to coincide with the general elections, with the conviction that the mobilization of the vote would continue a month later, in the municipal elections in May, and that the national campaign was a plus for the community.

Although Andalusia is looked at, in the surroundings of Puig they maintain that it will decide based on its own interests and its own situation in the community

Now, Palau is studying how to proceed in that case, what would be the official date if it does not call before, April or May. The ‘president’, in fact, has asked for a report to legal services of the Generalitat to know what real options it has open and if it is possible to return to the usual date, the last weekend of May, with most of the autonomies.

Although both in the PSPV and in Compromís there is a lot of confidence in the options to govern the two solo matchesWithout counting on Podemos, the purple party is being treated in an exquisite way, in case its contest is necessary. Pilar Lima is the new leader of Podemos in the Valencian Community and has only been in office for 14 months. But the fundamental piece for the socialists is Compromís. As happens to Pedro Sánchez with Yolanda Díaz, without a good result from the purple it is impossible to repeat the coalition government.

All these forecasts on the left bank are not preventing Puig from maintaining a fluid dialogue with Moreno Bonilla. Both could be interested in going to the elections together and that the first national onslaught between PSOE and PP remains in boards. No one doubts either that the progressive government has many signs of continuing to lead the Generalitat, no matter how much the electoral expectations of the popular have grown in the polls. But in any case the sources consulted, close to the ‘president’, maintain that Puig decide based on your own interests and the situation itself in the community.

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