Sunday, August 7

Puig expands the requirement of the covid passport to small hotels, cinemas, circuses, gyms and swimming pools

With the coronavirus incidence skyrocketed and the twice as many infections as last year, the Generalitat continues to entrust all measures to covid passport, a document that will soon be mandatory in new spaces to prevent unvaccinated people from spreading the disease indoors in spaces where the mask is not used.

As the president of the Generalitat Valenciana announced yesterday, Ximo Puig, in the next few hours, the Supreme Court will be asked for the endorsement to expand the Covid passport requirement in all hospitality establishments and therefore eliminate the 50 capacity limit that had been up to now. Thus unvaccinated people are prevented from concentrating in certain types of premises. Its use will also be expanded in all public spaces where food is consumed, such as cinemas, circuses, party venues, as well as tourist accommodation catering establishments. At the same time, Puig pointed out, it will be requested in swimming pools, sports centers, recreational centers for the elderly and gyms. The measure will be applied once the Supreme Court gives its approval and it is published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana. It will remain in force until January 31.

Regarding horseback riding celebrations or New Year’s Eve parties has specified Puig that “for the moment we have not adopted any decision, but of course there will be recommendations.” Puig made these statements after the meeting of the Interdepartmental Table and 48 hours before the online meeting with the rest of the regional presidents and with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to agree on a series of precautions in order to stop the advance of the coronavirus. In this meeting, the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, will defend a generalized use of the mask outdoors.

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The president of the Generalitat has pointed out that in one month infections, admissions and admissions to the ICU have tripled. “Winter begins in a more complex situation than we expected,” he acknowledged, although he clarified that “we are on alert, but not in alarm because what we are experiencing is serious but it is not comparable to what we have overcome.” According to the figures offered by the president, at the worst moment of the pandemic there were seven times more hospitalized and five times more admitted to the ICU than now.

Professionals like Félix Gutiérrez, professor at the Miguel Hernández University of Alicante, are missing stronger restrictions that stop the increase in cases that is occurring. Gutiérrez believes that there is still room to adopt measures that do not harm the economy much, such as the limitation of diners per table or of coexistence groups that can meet these days. From the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, its president Rafael Ortí, regrets that throughout these months some of the restrictive measures that existed have been removed and that the so-called covid traffic light has been modified, which has softened the feeling of risk. “It was like putting on a blindfold so we don’t see what happens.” For Ortí everything has been trusted in vaccination, “but if the number of cases is multiplied by two or three, the hospitals are going to fill up and Primary Care is going to overflow.”

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