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Puig is committed to the leisure sector to design a rescue plan with direct aid

Nightlife protest in front of the Palau.

Nightlife protest in front of the Palau.

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, avoided indefinite camping of leisure workers and the shows in front of the Palau after committing to convene a table with the representatives of the sector to specify direct aid “And advance a response of justice.” A total of 45 associations from the fields of leisure, entertainment and tourism of the Community were going to support the camping, which is postponed for a week depending on how the negotiations with the Consell develop.

These protests are motivated by the lack of economic measures officials that help mitigate the situation of thousands of businesses that have been forced to close for more than eight months due to the pandemic, which has caused the bankruptcy of nearly 700 small leisure and entertainment companies in the Community, according to industry data. Puig said in the control commission of the Valencian Courts that the Consell works with the representatives of nightlife “to advance a justice response. We are going to create a table with representatives of the sector and the departments of Health, Justice and Tourism to specify direct aid, “he said.

Among the associations that support this mobilization there are three from the province: the Association of Leisure and Restoration Venues of Alicante (Alroa); the Independent Association of Hospitality of Elche; and OcioBal de Benidorm.

In a statement released after Puig’s words in the Cortes, the assembly of the 45 associations and groups of the nightlife sector that convened the camping positively valued the words of the President of the Generalitat, advancing the creation “immediately” of a table work to give a fair response to a sector that is obliged to be closed since the state of alarm was decreed in March.

Although the organizers of the camp positively value this step forward, «We hope and want certainty and commitments in writing on a true negotiating process, accompanied by a budgetary allocation and with an urgent start date “of an aid plan that protects” a vital socio-economic fabric for the tourist attraction of the Community as a holiday destination “and that avoids layoffs.


The sector maintains its claims, which go through a calendar for the reopening of leisure venues during daytime hours and a package of direct economic support measures for SMEs in the recreational field. «The situation is critical and desperate. About 700 small and medium-sized entertainment and entertainment businesses have already gone bankrupt and will not reopen their doors, and in the last two months we have entered a dynamic in which an average of 16 venues closes every day in the Valencian Community of leisure, between concert halls, clubs, discos, pubs, karaoke bars and Irish taverns without the Consell having lifted a finger. Contrary to what 11 autonomous communities have already done ”, recalled the promoters of the protest, seconded from different parts of Spain. The associations condition the calendar of mobilizations that they have designed to the convocation of the first meeting with Puig, which they hope will take place at the beginning of next week to launch a work table that allows the implementation of the commitments acquired.

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