Saturday, May 15

Puig is considering expanding the capacity of the terraces, opening gyms and freeing up educational leisure

Tables and chairs last Saturday in the Central Market area of ​​Alicante in the reopening of terraces

Tables and chairs last Saturday in the Central Market area of ​​Alicante in the reopening of terraces

Today may be a key day in monitoring the de-escalation in the Valencian Community. After 15 days from the beginning of the relaxation of the restrictions The interdepartmental commission meets again and, despite the fact that nothing has been decided, Botànic sources affirm that everything is aimed at making some progress in the restrictions.

Which? Big changes in the overall constraint landscape are not foreseeable, but it does smooth these out. One decision that is likely to be successful is expansion of the capacity of terraces of bars and cafes. It is also foreseeable that free educational leisure (mainly extracurricular activities), which is already a proposal that the vice president and leader of Compromís, Mónica Oltra, put on the table at the previous meeting.

It is not ruled out either that check the situation of gyms, the only ones in all of Spain that are still closed for the activity inside. The general director of Sports of the Valencian Community, Josep Miquel MoyaHe assured the Sports Centers Association yesterday that they will be “consistent” when making a decision.

The sports sector awaits de-escalation measures

Big changes, like the opening of the interior of the premises of hostelry, the delay of the curfew or the lifting of the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community are not yet expected.

Caution now dominates public statements. Puig yesterday avoided any positioning. It is also an exercise in political prudence, because the partners complained two weeks ago, when the start of the de-escalation was approved, that decisions that had not yet been agreed upon were being discussed.

The Community gyms are the only ones in Spain that remain closed for activity inside.

The idea after the meeting with the experts and the comments from different sources of the Executive is that they want to advance a step in de-escalation of restrictions against coronavirus In the Valencian community. The incidence figures for the pandemic justify it. They even make a contrary decision difficult to sustain, according to sources.

However, although the Magdalena is not celebrated in Castelló or the Fallas in Valencia, the possible festive atmosphere encourages the rulers to be very cautious. You want to avoid “some faults in the bars”. Hence, only a “fine surgery” is contemplated.

In this sense, the experts’ consideration is that the joint responsibility of the public must be maintained, especially in the face of Fallas, Holy Week and Easter, to avoid risky behavior. The thesis is that the progress made in recent weeks cannot be destroyed.

What is undeniable for scientists is that there is “a general improvement.” It has gone from a cumulative incidence of more than 1,400 cases to sixty. However, as Puig remarked yesterday, a good dose of uncertainty persists due to the evolution of new variants of the virus due to the occupation of ICUs.

The CEV criticizes that Madrid goes “against” the measures

The president of the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (CEV), Salvador Navarro, regretted yesterday that the Community of Madrid is going “against” the measures taken against the Covid-19 pandemic and now does not want to close perimeter at Easter. “It gives me the feeling that a worrying nationalism is emerging in Madrid lately, which worries me as much as the independence movement of Catalonia,” he said in an interview with Europa Press after showing his “surprise” at the attitude of the president of the Madrid Government, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

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