Friday, November 27

Puig prioritizes the participation of the Community in European consortia to qualify for the additional fund of 80,000 million from the EU

Image of the meeting held by Ximo Puig

Image of the meeting held by Ximo Puig

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, announced this Sunday that the Valencian Community is already participating in three European consortiums that will develop projects related to the Economic recovery and that choose to be financed by the European Union through a fund of 80,000 million euros, in addition to the 750,000 million that have already been allocated to the countries.

Specifically, the Valencian Community participates in a sanitary consortium, together with the Dutch region Esast Netherlands, Emilia Romagna, Trentino and Piedmont (Italy), Extremadura (Spain), the Finnish Kainuu and Lapland, the northeast region of Romania and Slovenia. The second consortium to which the Community has already joined is linked to agriculture digitization projects, along with the regions of Stockholm, Athens and Catalonia. Finally, together with the regions of Hamburg, Roterdam and Budapest, the Valencian Community participates in a energy saving consortium in the construction sector.

The president of the Generalitat, who has held a meeting with the general director of Coordination of Government Action and head of the Valencian Office for Recovery, Juan Ángel Poyatos, has highlighted that the participation of the Valencian Community in pan-European consortia is a priority for the Generalitat, since it allows, apart from sharing projects, to opt for a financing line that the European Union allocates exclusively to alliances between European regions to develop projects jointly.

In the meeting, in which the general director of the Cabinet of the Presidency, Esther Ortega, also participated, the progress in the implementation of the Valencian Strategy for Recovery was reviewed, which the president will present to the social and economic agents The next Tuesday. This strategy includes the basic lines of action of the Generalitat in the process of rebuilding the economy of the Valencian Community after the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic, as well as around 400 projects that choose to be financed by the fund Next Generation UE.

The Valencian Office for Recovery (OVR), which is already in operation, is in charge of developing the lines of action and coordinating public-private collaboration. In addition, the OVR is advising companies that have projects aligned with the strategy of the European Union, for the definition of the same and the adaptation to the requirements of Brussels to qualify for financing.

“A third fundamental function of the Valencian Office for Recovery is to weave alliances with other territories of the European Union to design and present the commission joint projects, since this route opens up the possibility of opting for funds that we could not otherwise “, said the president, who added that collaboration between European regions is a” basic objective of a deeply Europeanist Council.

The Valencian Office for Reconstruction has been made up of staff from the Generalitat and has the support of specialized external consultants in advising companies when preparing projects to maximize the raising of European funds. The two consultancies are KPMG and Local Europe. The OVR will also have advice for the identification of pan-European work areas that the European Community can join, such as the three consortia of which it is already part.

“We are going to provide all the information to Valencian companies so that they are aware of the opportunities while we are going to activate initiatives from the Generalitat that will allow collaboration between companies to achieve quality projects, adjusted to the objectives of the European Union: digitalization, resilience and sustainability“, the President concluded.

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