Thursday, December 9

Puig Summit – Armengol

The conclusions that both executives have agreed include more than a dozen agreements Above all, they seek to advance in the creation of a common space of understanding that serves to strengthen ties and to have a common position on the key problems of the State.

Puig spoke at the closing ceremony that a new space for collaboration in Spain is emerging from the summit and recalled that 800 years ago King Jaume I had a dream, that of the creation of two almost identical kingdoms to create an axis of prosperity in the Mediterranean. Today eight centuries later, cooperation is reinforced because none of the territories wants to continue turning its back.

Puig has spoken of peripheral centrality versus uniformitarian tendencies and the speeches centralists. In front of them he has spoken of the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, two territories linked by a bridge, which created Jaume I eight centuries ago, and they represent real Spain today. “If the Spanish coastline is 7,500 kilometers long, the perimeter of the Madrid M-30 only has 32, so the Mediterranean area also claims centrality. We are looking for an integrating and cohesive vision, a better Spain ”, said Puig.

Puig has spoken of discriminated territories, such as the Valencian or the Balearic Islands with the financing, and of tselfish erritories, in clear reference to the Community of Madrid presided over by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and has spoken of three major problems: under-financing, centralism and inadequate cohesion policies. Puig has advanced that the project of the economy linked to the Mediterranean that both governments want the EU to finance will not be the only common one. The summit allows you to go much further.

Puig has asked for a reconnection from diversity for equal opportunities for people. And it has announced five lines of work to improve mobility, biodiversity, sustainability and tourism innovation, strategies to explore professional training and improvements in the digitization of both territories.

Armengol has remembered Estellés to ensure that both territories are a “people”, a common space that has existed for centuries but needs to be strengthened. He has even argued that it cannot be understood that after so many centuries with common ties that of these days is the first summit between the two.

The conclusions speak of the need to avoid the concentration of resources in Madrid and against fiscal dumping and warn about the enormous centralization of the State Administration that, unlike other countries, concentrates almost all its political bodies in the capital, Madrid , regulatory, administrative and cultural as well as the bulk of public procurement, a determining factor for the concentration of business headquarters; and that is also reflected in the level of investment in infrastructure.

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