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Puigdemont breaks into the Catalan negotiation and cools the agreement with ERC




The election, this Friday, of the neoconvergent Laura Borràs as president of the Parliament of Catalonia is a first step towards an eventual ‘independent’ agreement for the investiture of the next president. However, the neo-convergents do not want to consider anything closed and today they have proposed – in the mouth of their leader, Carles Puigdemont – new conditions that, rebound, complicate the policy of pacts of the Government of Pedro Sanchez.

Esquerra aspired to a quick negotiation that would lead to a fleeting inauguration of his presidential president, Pere Aragonès, but Junts seem to be in no hurry and have opted for a strategy designed to lengthen deadlines as much as possible and resist environmental pressure. This has already provoked the anger of the CUP, which has repeatedly criticized in the last hours the forms of Junts. In ERC, meanwhile, they maintain their temperance and choose to satisfy the demands of their potential partners and pamper them with affectionate gestures in front of the cameras – Aragonès and Borràs have exchanged multiple affections today before the spotlights in the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ of the inaugural session of the legislature.

The investiture of Delete, settled smoothly but on the last day that the calendar contemplated, it is a first step for the agreement between sovereignists, but from Waterloo, Puigdemont’s headquarters, they do not give anything for settled. “It cannot be taken for granted yet that we will understand each other to form a government”. This is how forceful the former Catalan president from Belgium has shown himself this Friday in an interview with “El Punt Avui”, the newspaper in which he worked and which still serves as a platform.

With his statements, Puigdemont – who this week lost his immunity after a vote held in the European Parliament – vindicates his role in the negotiations and is committed to maintaining tension with those of Oriol Junqueras. By the way, it recovers an old demand of the neoconvergents: to end the disparity of criteria between the Junts and the ERC in Congress. It cannot be that in Madrid some go on their own making deals with the Government that involve the entire movement, the independence leader has asserted.

«Good morning Vietnam»

At this time the objective of the former president is to form a unit of action of Together and ERC before Pedro Sánchez and pose this demand as an unavoidable condition if both parties want to govern together and regain lost trust. In practice, this strategic communion would mean that the Republicans (with 13 seats) give way to the ‘no to everything’ route exercised by the Junts (which was left with four seats after breaking with the PDECat). This, rebound, would make even more difficult the “variable geometry” that the Executive of PSOE and United We can take care of so much since the beginning of the legislature.

The former Republican MP Joan Tardà, today retired from the political front line, but skilled in predicting the future movements of the «procés», has quickly related the words of Puigdemont with the coldness that Borràs has exhibited today with his predecessor – the republican Roger Torrent – whom he has not even mentioned this Friday in her first speech as president. “Good morning Vietnam!”

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