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Puigdemont does not moderate his speech: “Catalonia has the right to unilateralism”

The former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, arrested on Thursday on the Italian island of Sardinia and released on friday, stated this Sunday that if the Spanish State refuses to negotiate with Catalonia its right to self-determination and does not propose another alternative, the Catalan people will have the “political, moral and justice right to exercise unilateralism”.

Unilateralism is a non-violent path, and therefore it is a legitimate pathWe are not the first to follow, it has been followed by other precedents in the world that have been endorsed by international Justice. It is a last resort, no one can deny us this right, no one who refuses to negotiate with Catalonia the right to self-determination can obviously deny us the right to unilateralism, “Puigdemont told the media in Oristan, where he met with a group of local pro-independence authorities.

“After trying everything, with the right and the left, with whom we support them and with those who do not, if in the end the answer continues to be no, and the only alternative project to independence is the one we are having, four years of repression of our rights and our resourcesWe have all the political, moral and justice rights to exercise unilateralism when we are in the conditions to exercise it, “he added.

Puigdemont has come this Sunday to the Sardinian city of Oristan to meet with a group of pro-independence mayors of the Italian island, in one of his last acts before leaving on Monday for Brussels to continue his work as a MEP. The meeting brought together some 50 mayors, councilors and advisers from pro-independence parties, who showed their support for the former Catalan president and welcomed him with applause and with shouts of “independence”.

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In his speech, Puigdemont said that Catalonia has renounced “any form of violence”, but not “the Spanish Government”, and recalled the events of October 1, 2017, when the Catalan Executive tried to hold a popular consultation to decide on its future and there were numerous police charges.

“The Catalan crisis is European”

I affirm that “the Catalan crisis a is a European crisis“and recalled that Catalonia and Sardinia share the desire to” build a state that is the result “of the efforts of citizens.” We need to continue collaborating, Sardinians, Catalans, Corsicans, Basques … all the European peoples who have not just felt represented in this official Europe. They say it is a Europe of languages, but Catalan cannot be spoken in the European Parliament, “he stressed.

“Catalonia has been living for four years harsh repressionHere we have Jordi Sánchez, he has spent almost four years in prison, “he said, referring to the current secretary of JxCat, pardoned by the Government after being sentenced to 5 years in prison.

During the event, the president of the Crown of Logu, the association that welcomes these local independence leaders and that organized the event, affirmed that the will of these participants is that “the Sardinians can exercise the right to self-determination and find their historical consciousness “. “Many of us work to bring Sardinian history to schools. We want the language to recover, control of destiny and the future, of the economy, because we live in a world in which the strongest wins, and to be strong you have to produce national wealth, “he stressed.

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Claudia Zuncheddu, of the Sardigna Libera association, stated that Puigdemont’s arrest in Sardinia “has raised many consciences”, while Bustinau Cumpostu, from Sardigna Natzione, said that “it has become the flag of the peoples who want independence.”

October 4

The independence leader was arrested on Thursday at Alghero airport, by an order of the Spanish Supreme Court, although he was released from the Bancali prison in the city of Sassari on Friday, when the Court of Appeal decided that it was not going to impose precautionary measures on him. of any kind or restrictions on movement.

Puigdemont will return to the island on October 4 to appear in the hearing in which it will be analyzed if the conditions for its delivery to Spain are met, although Italian sources close to the case have explained that if it were not physically present in Italian territory, the court will establish “no place to proceed” and will end the procedure judicial.

Speaking to the media, he was convinced that his current situation will end up being resolved: “The decision of the European Court is clear, it does not admit doubts. This situation is not pleasant for me, but I am convinced that it will end well. ”

Puigdemont traveled from Brussels to Sardinia on Thursday to participate in a Catalan folklore event organized by Adifolk, whose objective is to promote Catalan culture and which has been organized in the Italian town of Alghero, where Alghero, a dialect of Catalan, is spoken , fruit of the belonging of the Italian island to the ancient kingdom of Aragon.

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