Sunday, May 16

Puigdemont resigns his Catalan seat and sees “logical” that Junts preside over the Parliament

The former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont has presented this morning his resignation from the act of deputy in the Parliament obtained after the 14F elections, in which he headed the JxCat list for Barcelona. His resignation will allow the entry of the former first vice president of the Chamber, Josep Costa. In addition, he has claimed that “the logical thing” would be that Junts occupy the Presidency of the Parliament.

“It would be fantastic if the Parliament was chaired by a woman and outside the Junts”, has added in an interview in Catalunya Ràdio collected by Europa Press, in which he has avoided specifying whether this woman should be the party’s candidate for the elections, Laura Borràs.

According to Puigdemont, Borràs must decide what he wants to do because, in his opinion, he has earned the right to lead the political project, but has asked not to fall into speculation of charges during the negotiations.

“If I consider that she would be a good president of the Generalitat, imagine if she would not be a good president of the Parliament. Of course, I do not doubt her,” he later pointed out in another interview on TV3 collected by Europa Press on this issue.

After defending that Junts has “all the legitimacy” to preside over the Parliament, He admits that everything is possible when asked how he would see the CUP do it, although he has insisted that the logical consequence of the electoral result is that this position is occupied by his formation.

“But any decision made by the Parliament in relation to its Presidency and the Government is legitimate”, has stressed Puigdemont, who sees it premature now to speculate on a possible electoral repetition that, in his opinion, no one wants.

Contact with Junqueras

He has assured that Junts and ERC are rebuilding relations to reach an agreement “that will not be easy or fast,” and explained that on Tuesday he spoke twice with ERC leader Oriol Junqueras: once by phone, and after the third grade, I send you a message.

While waiting for a new Government to be forged in Catalonia, he has called on the independence movement to address how they should relate to a State “that, permanently, fabricates fictions and fantasies so as not to fall into them”.

“Roundtables for dialogue and negotiation are essential if they are really dialogue and negotiation. It is evident that now they are not, “remarked the also leader of the Junts, who believes that, in relation to Catalonia, the results are the same whether the PSOE or the PP governs.

For this reason, he has appealed “to talk about facts and abandon empty rhetoric and useless gesticulation “, highlighting that who determines if there is progress in an eventual dialogue are the two parties that should sit in a conflict.

After what the plenary session of the European Parliament will lift his immunity and that of former councilors Toni Comín and Clara PonsatíPuigdemont has found that now it is the Belgian justice that will have to decide what happens to them, waiting to see what happens with the preliminary questions presented by Judge Pablo Llarena.

“It won’t go that fast”

“It seems that this will not go as fast as some predict”, has argued the former Catalan president, who has defended that, despite losing a parliamentary battle by having lost immunity, he considers that they have won a political battle after 42% of MEPs did not support the request.

According to Puigdemont, in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) they will fight on equal terms unlike what, in their opinion, happens in the European Parliament (EP), in which they have had to face “colossi” such as the popular, socialist and liberal groups.

He has also specified that in the appeal they will present they will ask for the annulment “of a decision of the European Parliament that violates regulationsIt is fraught with irregularities and opens the door to what it has to prevent, political persecution. “

“We trust that the resource can lead to a result that protects our rights and restore the damage that has been done to the EP, and consequently, to the European democracy “, has settled.

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