Wednesday, October 27

Puigdemont returns to Brussels and denounces an incident with “a group of Spaniards”

The former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont returned to his work as an MEP in the European Parliament on Monday after being arrested last Thursday in Sardinia (Italy) and spending the weekend on the island, and reiterated that, despite the difficulty of the connections and the fact that it coincides with the plenary session of the European Parliament, will go to testify in person next Monday.

In statements to the press at the Eurochamber, Puigdemont indicated that he will travel to the Italian island to attend the hearing in person on October 4, as required by the judge, and declared “prepared”To face that hearing, in which it will be decided on its possible delivery to Spain.

“As you can imagine it’s not easy because the connections are not easy and it coincides with a full week, but I will go and it will be she (the judge) who must make the decision. We are prepared to face this hearing, “he stressed before entering the meeting room he is attending this afternoon.

Puigdemont attended the meeting of the International Trade Commission at the Parliament headquarters in Brussels this Monday shortly before 5:00 p.m. local time after landing this morning at Zaventem airport, although he did not previously attend the meeting of the Transport commission, in which he is an alternate member.

In this way, Puigdemont resumes “the agenda I had planned “, as he himself told the press upon his arrival this morning at Zaventem airport.

As he related on his Twitter account, during the return flight he obtained the support of “A Spanish couple” that he was traveling on the same plane, although upon arrival in Brussels he met some Spaniards who “began to yell at him like madmen.”

Upon his arrival in Parliament, he further assured that “Not up to date” on the presentation by his lawyers of an appeal before the General Court of the European Union to request that his immunity be restored, a letter that his defense continues to prepare after the community justice confirmed in July the decision to withdraw this privilege .

The judges gave the opportunity to Puigdemont and the other two MEPs from JxCat, Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí, to again request very precautionary measures in case they were arrested, as happened last Thursday when the former Catalan president arrived at the Alghero airport.

The judges lifted the immunity of the three politicians because they considered that they were not at risk of being arrested, since they understood that the arrest warrants were suspended.

This will be one of the main arguments contained in Puigdemont’s new lawsuit before the TGUE, his lawyer explained on Friday. Gonzalo Boye, in charge of coordinating the judicial strategy.

They will also defend that the Catalan ex-president continues to enjoy parliamentary immunity to be able to go to the meetings of the European Parliament and act as MEP.

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