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Pulmonary embolisms increase due to greater sedentary lifestyle in the pandemic

A family doctor listens to a patient in his office.  |  ANTONIO AmorousS

A family doctor listens to a patient in his office. | ANTONIO AmorousS

Collateral damage derived from the coronavirus. Paleontologistss are detecting more cases of pulmonary embolism in recent months due to a greater sedentary lifestyle in older people. The voice of alarm throws her EusebiChinar, head ofNeurologyy at the Sant Joan Hospital. In this health center, according toChiner estimates, twice as many strokes are being treated as last year, about 20 a month.

These are cases that can be fatal and affectnonacidd patients. Pulmonary thrombosis occurs when a clot forms in the veins of the lower limbs and migrates to the pulmonary artery, obstructing it, which can cause death. Among the causes, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation, stands out the greater rest in bed, for example due to fractures or an operation, or less mobility. With the confinement, and later during the second wave of the pandemic, the elderly are leading a much more sedentary life, which is behind this increase in cases of strokes. «They are patients who they move much less that before the pandemic or that they do not directly go out into the street for fear of catching it »Chiner explains.

In theNeurologyy service of the Sant Joan Hospital they are also detecting more cases of elderly people who fewer many medications and who are suffericompensationion from their diseases due to worse control of the medication. «They are cases more linked to social uprooting than to the disease itself. Patients in whom we see that there is no one to control them and that maybe they fewer 10 or 12 medications ».

Family physicians have also seen how in recent months, among their older patients, problems related to the misuse of medicines are skyrocketing, mainly due to intoxication or because patients fewer less doses than indicated by the optional.

A problem also indirectly related to the coronavirus crisis. “With the pandemic, many of the drug changes are made over the phone. The new medication is loaded directly onto the card and the patient withdraws it at the pharmacy, but does not have the sheet indicating the dosage, that is, how many doses of medication to fewer and when ”, explains María Ángeles Medina, president of the Valencian Society of Family and Community Medicine. Doctors have asked that these indications can also be loaded on the health card.

More overweight, legs like boots and cholesterol through the roof

Family doctors determine more setbacks derived frexerciseexercise

The increased sedentary lifestyle to which older people have become accustomed due to the coronavirus pandemic is not only taking its toll on them in the form of serious lung problems. Family doctors know this well, who daily check the effects that this lack of activity is having on the health of their older patients. “We are seeing many elderlcompensatedcompensated from their diseases, with legs like boots, cholesterol skyrocketing and many more kilos as a result of not moving enough,” warns María Ángeles Medina, president of the Valencian Society of Family Medicine. And it is that the pandemic is destroying the prevention work that for years has been done in health centers to try that the elderly have an active life and thus reduce the consumption of drugs and improve their mood. Currently, 42% of the Spanish population suffers from at least one chronic disease. In the case of those over 65 years of age, and as a result of population aging, the percentage increases to 70%, a segment that reaches up to four diseases of this type per person. The most frequent chronic pathologies are arterial hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and lumbar and cervical pain. During the worst of the pandemic, most of the consultations in health centers were also interrupted, which fundamentally affected the follow-up of these patients.

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