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Pumpkin gnocchi with butter and sage

The gnocchi, from the Italian word gnocchi, which means ‘lumps’ or ‘balls’ – right name – are just that: edible and delicious pellets that are usually included in Italian pasta. However, although its composition includes a part of flour, the most classic gnocchi are made with potato and ricotta cheese; although they can carry other ingredients such as spinach or pumpkin. I can see you coming: “Make gnocchi at home? Wow, what a bummer, isn’t it very laborious? Isn’t it very difficult to knead cylinders and cut them into portions? ”. They take a little over 10 minutes to prepare, but you can make a good amount of dough, cut up all the gnocchi, and freeze them for a rainy day.

My colleague Clara P. Villalón already showed you how to make the classic potato gnocchi in this article, so we abound in knowledge that you already have. What advantage do pumpkin gnocchi have over potato gnocchi? Well, they have a very very nice sweet dot that goes terrifying with delicate flavors such as sage and butter (with some grated Parmesan cheese, if you like).

How they count in The Silver Spoon, it is convenient to roast the pumpkin instead of boiling it; When cooked, the pulp absorbs water, while if you grill it the opposite occurs, the pumpkin loses water and the flavor becomes concentrated. The humidity of the pumpkin puree that we use greatly influences the amount of flour used to give body to the dough and, the more flour and less pumpkin because it is very wet, the less flavor.

In the ingredients we give a fork of flour, but it can vary even more; Always start by adding the amount of the lower limit of the fork to adjust once all the ingredients are mixed. Want to make sure you don’t dilute the pumpkin flavor too much? Put the roasted pumpkin inside a cloth, make a bundle and squeeze it to remove even more liquid. If you just want to do a test of how these delicious gnocchi turn out and your gnocchi skill, and the quantities we give seem excessive, divide the recipe in half: you will have to divide the egg as well and use half an egg for a Lilliputian omelette (or use only the yolk). there.


That of getting a fluffy and well seasoned dough, and not destroying it when cutting the gnocchi. Lazy, big-handed and impatient, abstain (or make amends, which is never a bad time).


For 250-300 gnocchi (about 6-8 people)

  • 500 g of roasted pumpkin pulp (approximately 1 kg raw)
  • 350 g potatoes (peeled weight)
  • 250-350 g plain white flour (or whole wheat, or a mixture of both)
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tsp. grated nutmeg at the moment
  • Salt and water for cooking
  • Butter, garlic, grated Parmesan cheese and fresh sage leaves to serve the gnocchi


  1. Cut the pumpkin into slices, removing the seeds and central filaments. Put on a baking tray and roast in the oven at 200 ° C for about 45 minutes, until very tender. Let cool.

  2. While the pumpkin is roasting, wash the potatoes and cook them in water with their skins until tender, about 30 minutes depending on the size, or cook them in the microwave, covered, peeled and in pieces with a couple of tablespoons of water (with this last method is drier). Allow to temper, peel and pass them through a mash or mash them with a fork as finely as possible.

  3. Remove the pulp from the pumpkin, discarding the skin, and mash it just like the potatoes. If you have a robot, you can also directly puree the potato with the pumpkin.

  4. Put the pumpkin and mashed potatoes on the table or in a large bowl, make a hole in the center and add the egg, a little salt and the nutmeg. Mix the egg with the vegetables with a fork and add 250 g of the sifted flour.

  5. Work the dough with a scraper until it is homogeneous, but without kneading it excessively, we must obtain a very soft, but not very sticky dough that can be rolled into a cylinder shape on the previously well floured table. Rectify the consistency with more flour if necessary. Cover with plastic wrap and let the dough rest for 10 minutes so that the flour hydrates.

  6. Take a small portion of the dough, leaving the rest well covered, flour the table well and form a cylinder of 1.5-2 cm in diameter, rolling it.

  7. With a knife or scraper, cut the cylinder into equal size portions, forming small pads, and place these gnocchi on a well-floured cloth. They can also be marked by rolling them on the tines of a fork. Repeat the operation with the rest of the pumpkin dough.

  8. Gnocchi that are not going to be eaten immediately are frozen in a tray, placed in a single layer, because they are soft and would crush if stacked. Once frozen, they can be piled up; transfer to a zip bag and keep in the freezer.

  9. To cook the gnocchi -also from frozen-, bring plenty of water to a boil in a saucepan with plenty of salt and add those to be consumed. The gnocchi cook right away; they are ready when they rise to the surface of the water.

  10. While the gnocchi are cooking, melt one tablespoon of butter per person in a pan. Add half minced garlic and three or four sage leaves per person, and give them a few turns.

  11. Remove the gnocchi from the water, removing them with a slotted spoon, and transfer them to the butter pan. Sauté everything together for a few seconds so that the gnocchi are soaked in butter and serve on the plates grating some Parmesan cheese on top if you like, but without overdoing it or you will kill the delicate flavor of the gnocchi. Devour immediately.

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