Monday, December 4

‘Puppy dog ​​eyes’ are real, study says. Is your pet manipulating you?

Ever wonder why dogs are able to melt hearts the way they do?

A group of researchers in the US and the United Kingdom may have an answer for you.

As it turns out, researchers discovered dogs have a facial muscle that has evolved over the past 33,000 years, making their eyes look bigger and their faces sadder, younger and cuter, reeling in the humans who come across them.

In other words, “puppy dog ​​eyes” are real, dogs are manipulating humans and it’s all thanks to domestication.

Researchers deemed the expression “the AU101 movement” and came to the conclusion after using coding and software to analyze the facial expressions of nine gray wolves and 27 dogs in the United Kingdom.

The group’s initial study, “Evolution of facial muscle anatomy in dogs,” was published in 2019 by the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,” or PNAS. Tuesday, one of the researchers presented the latest findings on how dogs’ facial muscle makeup is more similar to humans at an experimental biology meeting in Philadelphia.

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