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Pure Storage bets it all on Evergreen

Pure Storage evergreen

Adapting to the new needs of companies with the latest technology and, incidentally, consolidating itself as one of the most relevant players in the storage and data market are just some of the objectives that Pure Storage has set itself. The firm has held its Pure//Accelerate techfest22 event these days, where it has announced important developments in its portfolio.

The first of these innovations is the FlashBlade//S platform that has been developed under a new modular architecture based on hardware and software that have been designed together. The new platform uses a virtually limitless metadata architecture, offering more than twice the density, performance, and power efficiency of previous versions. The platform evolves over time in line with customer requirements.

The great feature of the new platform is that storage, compute and networking elements can be upgraded in a flexible and non-disruptive manner, providing a highly configurable and customizable file and object platform to meet the needs of the broadest set of workloads. of modern work. Plus, it can deliver the highest levels of performance and capacity optimization, thanks to Pure’s patented full QLC architecture, without the need for costly caching solutions.

Benefits to IT departments include leveraging the full power of the subscription services offered by its Evergreen service, customers gain unparalleled flexibility and non-disruptive upgrades with FlashBlade//S. In this way there is no need for companies to worry that their storage platform will become obsolete and they can forget about disruptive data migrations. In addition, the firm has placed special emphasis on sustainability, and the new FlashBlade//S family helps them meet these needs thanks to better performance in key indicators, such as capacity per watt, bandwidth per watt and capacity per rack unit, resulting in a smaller total data center footprint.

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Pure Storage has presented innovations in storage, analytics as well as having improved its platform as a service, Evergreen with new tools

Finally, it stands out for its performance at scale, simplicity and efficiency with unstructured data: the new FlashBlade//S family, thanks to the joint development of Purity//FB 4.0 hardware and software, pushes the limits of performance, scalability and reliability. efficiency.

Artificial intelligence

The firm also unveiled AIRI//S, the latest generation of its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-ready infrastructure, developed by Pure Storage and NVIDIA. AIRI//S provides enterprises with a simple, on-demand infrastructure that accelerates AI initiatives at any scale.

With this launch, the multinational offers companies a proven, simple and scalable infrastructure for all phases of their AI data pipeline. AIRI//S provides significant advances in performance, density, power efficiency, and non-disruptive scale, resulting in optimal alignment with the industry-leading AI training performance and parallelism gains offered by AIRI//S. DGX systems.

In addition, it has opted to make storage simpler, more reliable and more scalable with the introduction of Evergreen//Flex, a new Evergreen architecture at the installed base level that extends the power of Pure’s Evergreen technology to its entire portfolio. By unlocking and moving underutilized storage capacity to where it’s needed most, Evergreen//Flex enables unparalleled storage efficiency and grows Pure’s portfolio of Evergreen-based subscription services.

In this sense, it has expanded the portfolio of Evergreen solutions with the following tools:

● Evergreen//Forever (formerly Evergreen Gold): Evergreen//Forever offers organizations traditional device ownership, with a software subscription, continually updated hardware, and a world-class customer experience. Evergreen//Forever ensures that organizations enjoy a subscription to an always modern infrastructure, based on a system that is constantly being improved.

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● Evergreen//Flex: a new Evergreen architecture at the installed base level that offers an unprecedented way to run storage efficiently while saving energy. Evergreen//Flex offers the flexibility and adaptability to move performance and capacity to where your data and your applications need it most, with the security and control it provides. This latest model takes Evergreen//Forever modernization beyond the cabinet, and is the most efficient way to manage a storage fleet enabled by an asset utilization model.

● Evergreen//One (formerly Pure as-a-Service): Evergreen//One offers organizations a truly consumption-based service model for storage. It provides flexibility, transparency, and simplicity, plus proactive monitoring and non-disruptive upgrades, while meeting performance and usage service level agreements. With Evergreen//One, Pure takes responsibility for providing storage where it’s needed, offering an on-demand storage service with the flexibility of on-premises deployment.

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