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Purse’s request to enter the courts for an alternative access to protect his “personal integrity” was rejected

Juan Carlos Monedero, co-founder of Podemos.

Juan Carlos Monedero, co-founder of Podemos.

The co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero will have to enter the Plaza de Castilla Courts through the usual accesses, in accordance with the provisions of the dean judge of Madrid, María Jesús del Barco, who has rejected the request of the former ‘purple’ leader to enter through an alternative access that guarantees his “personal integrity” in view of his statement next Monday in the ‘Neurona’ case.

Monedero asked the judge in the ‘Neurona’ case, Juan José Escalonilla, to “for security reasons and the situation of restrictions in the entrance of the courts for COVID reasons” It will facilitate access to the building “in a way that does not endanger the personal integrity of the person under investigation.”

“For these purposes, We are at your disposal to attend this summons without delay or inconvenience., taking as good any alternative that comes our way, “said the defense of Monedero in a letter dated February 25.

The holder of the Examining Court Number 42 of Madrid She in turn sent this request to the dean judge of Madrid so that she was the one to decide on this matter, and finally she did so this Wednesday in a denial sense.

Del Barco has wielded that “Since the beginning of the pandemic, different government agreements have been issued to order and organize access to the different judicial headquarters” and that “this access limitation has not caused, to date, security problems for the personal integrity of those who go to the judicial buildings.”

In addition, it has drawn attention to the fact that in its letter Monedero does not specify “what is the specific danger that the applicant who attends understands and that would justify accessing the building by ‘any alternative’ other than that used by the staff who provides its services in the administration of justice, professionals and individuals “.

However, it has ordered to communicate its decision to the security company of the Courts of Plaza de Castilla “so that, where appropriate, it adopts the protection measures it deems necessary.”

As Del Barco recalled, as a result of the health crisis, only legal operators and the parties to the proceedings are allowed to enter the courthouse and only 15 minutes before the time of your appointment.

The 26,000 euros

Escalonilla summoned Monedero at 11:30 a.m. on March 15, after the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) indicated in a report on November 3 that the co-founder of Podemos collected 26,200.31 euros from Neurona Consulting – the Mexican parent company of Neurona Comunidad – for alleged political consulting services that he would not have provided, given that the researchers point out that the only justification for this payment would be a “false invoice”.

The instructor investigates the alleged irregular investigation of Podemos with the magnifying glass placed on the contract signed by the party and Neurona Comunidad by 363.000 euros for political consulting work for the general elections of April 28, 2019. The judge suspects that he could be simulated to divert money from the ‘purple’ accounts.

However, as a result of a letter presented by the former head of Regulatory Compliance of Podemos Monica Carmona, Escalonilla has agreed to open independent procedures on the new facts denounced by it, among them the alleged use of a party employee and now an advisor to the Ministry of Equality as a babysitter for the children of the minister, Irene Montero.

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