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Putin considers the Ukrainian president “hostile” and implicates the US in the “provocations” in the Black Sea


In the television appearance in which he responds to the citizens, the president acknowledged that he had been vaccinated against Covid with the Russian drug Sputnik V.

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  • Black Sea Russia fires warning shots at a British ship

The president of Russia He tries to get the Russians to get vaccinated, to keep the Ukrainians out of the Russian orbit, and not to get NATO any closer. It is the balance of the television appearance that Vladimir Putin celebrates each year in front of viewers in his country.

With infections on the rise again in Russia, during the ‘Direct Line’ program, the event in which Vladimir Putin answers questions from citizens, the president reported that he was vaccinated against the coronavirus with the Russian drug Sputnik V. “I made the decision to wear Sputnik V, especially since our Armed Forces are immunized with Sputnik V and I am the supreme commander “said Putin, who was vaccinated privately in February and to date had not disclosed which Russian vaccine he had injected, since the country has registered up to four different ones. The Russian leader appealed for vaccination, including to the presenter herself, who admitted that she was not vaccinated.

Hard on Ukraine

Putin showed his most bitter tone with his western neighbor. Catalog of hostile towards his country to the leadership that currently governs in Ukraine. “I do not consider the Ukrainian people to be hostile towards Russia, in any way. But the Ukrainian authorities today are evidently hostile“said the Russian leader, who stressed that Russians and Ukrainians are the same people.

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Putin questioned the bill presented by the Ukrainian president, Vladimir Zelensky, in Parliament. The text declares the Russian people as a non-Ukrainian people. “This is totally incomprehensible. The Russians lived in that territory from time immemorial and now they declare them non-indigenous.” The decision of the Ukrainian leadership, he warned, will lead to the reduction of ethnic Russians in that country: “This is comparable to the effects of a weapon of mass destruction.”

So Putin preferred to punish Zelensky with his indifference. The Ukrainian president has asked for a meeting, but the head of the Kremlin resists. “Why should I meet with Zelensky if he has handed over his country to total external control? The vital problems for Ukraine are no longer solved in Kiev, but in Washington and, in part, in Berlin and Paris. What is there to discuss? I do not refuse [a reunirme]I just need to know what we’re going to talk about. “

Against NATO

Putin was also very critical of the latest skirmishes in the Black Sea between a British ship and Russian troops. “Of course it is a provocation. What did they want to show and what goals did they want to achieve? Not only did the British do it, but also the Americans, because the British destroyer entered our territorial waters during the day, and early in the morning, At 7.30, a US strategic reconnaissance plane flew out of Greece, in Crete, “he denounced.

For Putin it is clear that the destroyer entered Russian waters “in the first place with military objectives, trying, with the help of the reconnaissance aircraft, to reveal the actions of our military to stop such provocations. “But the Russian leader also sees a political component in these maneuvers:” They do it to emphasize that they do not respect the choice of the Crimeans to join the Russian Federation. “

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