Sunday, November 27

Putin delays the call-up for a month due to the saturation in the recruitment centers

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has decided to postpone the draft this fall due to saturation of recruitment centers for the partial mobilization for the military campaign in Ukraine, as explained by the Kremlin on Saturday.

“Now the enlistment offices are very saturated due to partial mobilization. In order not to further aggravate this congestion, that decision was made,” he said. Dmitry Peskov, presidential spokesman, to the RIA Nóvosti agency.

Peskov was convinced that such a decision will allow combine both the flow of mobilized men and that of recruits who must fulfill the military service.

Putin called up 120,000 people between the ages of 18 and 27, who will begin compulsory service on November 1 instead of October 1, as is tradition.

That autumn levy also includes 7,000 Russians less than a year ago, although no one has explained at the moment the reason for this reduction.

The soldiers in charge of the partial mobilization explained that these recruits will not participate in the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

A broken promise

However, that promise was already broken at the beginning of the campaign and, according to the press, no one can rule out that once they finish their military service these recruits, who would go into the reserve, be automatically deployed in the neighboring country.

According to the law, conscripts cannot be deployed to a foreign country, unless the head of the Kremlin declares the martial law.

Putin admitted mistakes in the partial mobilization and ordered those Russians mobilized by mistake to return home immediately.

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Related news

Thousands of Russians have left this country since the president signed the mobilization decree 10 days ago.

The authorities have also warned that they will punish up to 15 years in prison the attempts to burn the recruitment centers, which have suffered numerous attacks in recent weeks.

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