Sunday, February 25

“Putin is an idiot, he wants to take kyiv but it is not possible”, the revealing audios of Russian soldiers in Ukraine

the american daily ‘The New York Times’ has brought to light verified audios of Russian soldiers talking on the phone from the battlefield in Ukraine with their relatives in Russia, and in which they criticize Putin’s management of the war, the terrible conditions of his regiments or the difficulty to do against the Ukrainian troops.

“We are in Bucha. Our defense is deadlocked. We are losing this war. We have been given orders to kill everyone we see (…) Putin is an idiot. He wants to take kyiv, but there is no way to do it », said one of the Russian soldiers in the audios to which the aforementioned newspaper has had access.

Behind thousands of calls made between the military and their families in Russia, were the ukrainian government and its intelligence services taxing and analyzing each one of them. Until now, these audios had not been made public. In those phone calls to friends and family, Russian soldiers offered damning insider accounts of the failures on the battlefield and the executions of civilians, in addition to criticizing the Russian president a few weeks after the invasion of Ukraine began.

“Mom, this war is the worst decision our government has ever made. When is all this going to end, Putin? Damn », expressed a Russian soldier to his mother, who responded by admitting that in Russia the media said that everything was going «according to plan«. Thanks to the audios, it is also possible to glimpse the losses that the Russian Armed Forces were registering at the beginning of the Audios of Russian soldiers in Ukraine come to light: »Putin is an idiot, he wants to take kyiv but it is not possible«.

A soldier from the 331st Airborne Regiment reported that the entire 2nd Battalion of 600 soldiers had been ‘annihilated’. Another member of the Russian Armed Forces, asked by a relative about the death toll, replied that in his regiment they had lost their lives a ttroop of soldiers. These audios, which allow the Russian troops to understand the situation at the front, have been verified by ‘The New York Times’ by crossing Russian phone numbers with messaging applications, a process that has taken two months.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last week a “partial mobilization” of the population, where Russian forces have suffered several setbacks in recent weeks as a result of a series of counter-offensives by Ukrainian troops. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have recovered part of the territory previously »occupied« by Russia in the east of the country, as in the case of the city of Izium, where mass graves with hundreds of bodies have been found.

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