Wednesday, October 5

Putin sells weapons to Latin America, Africa and Asia in the maneuvers of Venezuela

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed the information published by ABC about the launch of a ‘Persian market’ of arms sales as a result of the simultaneous military maneuvers in Venezuela and Moscow held from August 13 to 27.

Yesterday Putin inaugurated the Russian chapter of «Armia 2022» in Moscow where he offered a wide variety of weaponry to its allies and partners in Latin America, Asia and Africa within the framework of “the broadest and most multilateral technical-military cooperation possible”.

“Russia is ready to offer its allies and partners the most modern weaponry, from firearms to armor, artillery, military aviation and assault drones,” he said at the opening of the military forum taking place outside Moscow.

The event is attended by representatives of hundreds of stateswhich will be able to see this week the different types of modern weapons at the Alábino military range and the Kúbinka aerodrome, on the outskirts of Moscow, reported the DW, EFE and Reuters agencies.

At the opening of the war games, he stressed that Moscow “sincerely values ​​the historically strong, friendly and trusting ties with the countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa”, where Russia has “many allies, partners and co-religionists”, said the Russian president quoted by DW.

Defense of the multipolar world

Those allied countries, he said, “do not submit to the so-called hegemonic power, their leaders show authentic character and do not subordinate to anyone.” And, addressing military personnel from different countries in the Patriot exhibition pavilion, accompanied by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, he said that “they contribute to the defense of the multipolar world.”

In the city of Barquisimeto, in northwestern Venezuela, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López, known for his fidelity to Moscow, -he has been in office for 8 years-, also inaugurated the 2022 war games, two days after they officially started on August 13. Nicolás Maduro did not attend the event.

In the Terepaima de Barquisimeto fort, military exercises are framed in the modality of armored tanks, sniper training with long distances, ammunition, assault rifles and remote-controlled drones.

The eitherRussian, Chinese and Iranian organizers They have set their sights on the great arms bazaar that is exhibited both in Venezuela and in the headquarters of 30 other countries. Putin has invited buyers to order all the weapons that have been tested in Ukraine.

The Russian president stressed that “practically all” the weapons that Russia wants to export “have been used in real military actions.” “Many of these weapons outperform their foreign counterparts by years, if not decades,” he said, referring to the hypersonic weaponry which is capable of overcoming any anti-missile shield, according to Moscow.

Putin assures that “Russia has exported 5.4 billion dollars in weapons so far this year and plans to sell a similar amount in the second half of 2022.”

He also stressed that his allies “do not submit to the so-called hegemonic powerits leaders show authentic character and do not subordinate« to anyone, since they are committed to sovereign development and to collectively solving regional and global security problems on the basis of international law.

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