Wednesday, December 1

Putin sends two bombers to the Polish border to support Lukashenko



It seems that in Moscow and Minsk they no longer have the slightest doubt that the Poland military deployment on its border with Belarus, it aims to do more than just stop the flow of illegal migrants. Belarusian President Alexánder Lukashenko already suggested yesterday that Poland is seeking war and the migration crisis, in his opinion, is nothing more than a pretext to reinforce its warlike device on the border with Belarus. He gave as an example the shipment of tanks that, in Lukashenko’s opinion, are not used to disperse migrants.

So, to send a firm signal to Poland and NATO, two Russian Tu-22M3 bombers made flights today reconnaissance in Belarusian airspace in the immediate vicinity of its western border.

This was stated today by the Russian and Belarusian defense ministries.

The latter pointed out that “if before these strategic aviation flights were cyclical in nature, from now on, they will be carried out on a regular basis.” The statement warns that “they are appropriate reaction measures to the situation created both in the air and on the ground” and informs that the Belarusian Army will also reinforce the anti-aircraft defense in the border areas with the NATO countries, in reference to Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

That Moscow supports Minsk in its confrontation with Poland, the Atlantic Alliance and the European Union was corroborated today by the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, when he said at a press conference with his Belarusian counterpart, Vladimir Makei, that «Moscow and Minsk have a common position on how to react to hostile steps by NATO ”.

In his words, “we have serious reasons to believe that the recurrent attitude of the Atlantic bloc regarding the so-called containment of our countries, the concrete actions to bring its military infrastructure closer to our borders, reflects the long-term strategy of this political-military alliance.” . “Of course, we have an absolute unified position that our presidents have made manifest more than once,” Lavrov said. For the head of Russian Diplomacy, the important thing is that «responsible Europeans (…) do not be drawn into a spiral of confrontation endless, which is very, very dangerous.

Since Monday, a group of more than three thousand migrants Most of them from Syria, apparently mainly Kurdish and including women and children, are still camped in front of the border separation fence with Poland. During the night several dozen of them managed to break the metal net and pass to the other side, but, according to the Polish authorities, they were arrested.

Poland, Latvia and Lithuania accuse Belarus of having deliberately provoked the current migration crisis as a form of blackmail. Lukashenko has announced that this is not the case, that the problem is that, because of the sanctions, “there is no money or energy to restrict the passage of illegals to the countries of the European Union ”.

Today, during the telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the latter first called on Brussels to maintain “direct contacts” with Minsk to resolve the current crisis. The Belarusian Foreign Minister said in the company of Lavrov that “the cause of the current problems is not in Belarus, but in Europe” because of the sanctions and the attitude of Poland, which he accused of sending 15,000 soldiers to the border ” for prevent the passage of women and children».

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