Friday, October 7

‘Putinism’ prevails in Russian regional elections

Few surprises in russian regional elections: the ‘Putinism’ has been imposed once throughout the country. On Sunday the 11th, while the russian troops I know “regrouped” in the region of Kharkivdifferent regions of the Eurasian country went to the polls to vote for their governorthe composition of its Parliament and/or the Duma of the province capital. A total of 15 of them chose their regional representative. All the winning candidates are part of United Russiathe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s party. Among these, regions such as the Sverlovdsk Oblast (65.78% of votes in favor of the official candidate) or the Republic of Buryatia (86.23%) stand out.

Yuri Zaitsev prevailed in the Republic of Mari-El by 82.44% of the votes. This leader became acting governor of this Russian territory by a decree of the Russian president himself. Other republics that elected their representative were Karelia (69.15%), Udmurtia (64.37%), as well as oblasts such as Kaliningrad (80.21%), Ryazan (84.55%) or Tambov (84.95%). In all of them, the governor of United Russia prevailed, with majorities not exempt from controversy. Golos, an NGO for election monitoring, supervised the elections in 19 of the regions that went through the polls.

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In the city of Moscow it is where the most irregularities have been registered, 626. Krasnodar Krai (168) Udmurtia (88) and the Moscow region (80) have been other parts of the country where anomalies have been registered. Some of the reported problems have been the expulsion of independent observers of the voting centers or even the arrest of one in the russian capital. Independent researcher Kamil Galeev comments that the elections “are largely controlled by regional powers, which are asked by the Kremlin to falsify the results (if not, they risk being fired or imprisoned) so if they continue to be scared, they will falsify them”. He adds that “if they don’t, then they will show the real results. (The results) are not about votes, but fear of power.”

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Instead, other parts of Russia chose the composition of their Parliament. This is the case of the Oblasts of Sakhalin, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Penza Saratov, among others. In all of them, Vladimir Putin’s party prevailed by figures above 45%, although in others such as Penza, the percentage reached 74.91%. In the city of Moscow, with a low turnout – the very day of the elections was the day of the city – only 33.9% of the inhabitants of the capital went to the polls.

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