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Pyotr Petrovich, the mysterious Spaniard with thousands of classical music reviews on Amazon and a team worth more than a car

He is a guru among classical music fans, but no one knows who he is. We only know that Pyotr Petrovich lives in Valencia, and has written thousands of reviews on Amazon.

if you have ever bought a classical music CD on AmazonI’m sure you’ve finished reading a review by Pyotr Petrovich. simply because has analyzed virtually all classical music CDs that are sold on Amazon. Thousands of them. Who is Pyotr Petrovich?

There are many users on Amazon who specialize in one subject, and are dedicated to post reviews of the products they buy. But we have never seen such dedication as that of Pyotr Petrovich.

There is very little information about this user on the Internet, but he is frequently mentioned as “the classical music guru” in specialized music forums such as Audio Planet or Entre88teclas.

Pyotr Petrovich, the guru of classical music

What is surprising about this Amazon user is his dedication to the cause of classical music. has analyzed thousands of classical music CDs, all with the verified purchase stamp. Virtually all of the ones sold on Amazon.

His analyzes are also tremendously detailed and technical.showing that he understands music:

Pyotr Petrovich, the mysterious Spanish Amazon user with thousands of classical music reviews and a dream team

Sometimes some reviews have more than 1,000 words, they are authentic critical articles on the music cd.

The only thing we know about this mysterious Pyotr Petrovichis what he puts on his Amazon profile:

Pyotr Petrovich, the mysterious Spanish Amazon user with thousands of classical music reviews and a dream team

It has received more than 38,000 likesan exceptional amount in the case of a minority issue such as the classical music.

We see that it is called Pyotr Petrovicha Russian name that may refer to a painter or a former Russian politician. Is about a Russian living in Spain? In Russia, the tradition of classical music is taught to children from an early age.

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In the profile it indicates that lives in Valencia. The photo shows us a middle-aged person, with the Colombian flag behind. So he could be Colombian, although the photo has a diplomatic air, maybe a Russian who has worked as a diplomat in Colombia and now lives in Spain. Or a Colombian diplomat who now works here.

They are speculations thrown into the air, without much basis, most likely it is not the person who appears in the image and this is a montage. The truth is the reviews are in very well written spanish.

Another impressive fact is your stereo. The cables alone are worth as much as a car. It is valued in thousands of euros:

  • SCREENS: Dynaudio Evidence Temptation; Raidho C2.1
  • AMPLIFICATION: Audio Music RT-1 tube preamp, Cary 805 Anniversary Edition tube monoblocks; solid state monoblocs Classé Omega Omicron
  • SACD READER: Lindeman 820S
  • CD PLAYER: Esoteric combo D70/P70
  • Blu-ray player: Audiocom Reference Oppo 105D
  • DISPLAY CABLES: Nordost Valhalla and Transparent Music Wave Ultra
  • Interconnection CABLES: Heavens Gate Ultra Silence TV Samsung 75ES9000 and Loewe Individual 50
  • HEADPHONES: STAX Signature Combo and Tube Amplifier SRM0061A

A dream team to enjoy music at its best.

The internet is full of influencers who are dying to be known. But there is also anonymous heroes who do not seek fameand who have spent hundreds of hours posting content, with the sole purpose of helping people on a topic that usually doesn’t have much information, such as Classical music CD and Blu-ray reviews. the mysterious Pyotr Petrovich It is one of them.

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