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Quantic and Nidia Góngora: Almas Conectadas Magazine – Colombian Gold Diggers Go Orchestral | Colombia

HHailing from Timbiquí, a small gold-seeking community on the Pacific coast of Colombia, the music of the folk singer Nidia Góngora is intimately related to the natural world. Traditionally, the women who sift the land on the riverbank accompany their work with songs from a centuries-old oral tradition; When this music is recorded, the instrumentation tends to reflect the surrounding sounds: drums for crashing waves, marimba for water, and shaker for rain.

The Connected Souls artwork.
The Connected Souls artwork. Photography: Advertising Image

Combining Góngora’s ingenious acoustic compositions with the arrangements of electronic producer Will Holland, also known as Quantic, may seem like an odd proposition. However, after listening to Góngora’s music while living in the Colombian city of Cali, Holland reached out to the singer and produced a dancefloor-focused reworking of her music on the 2017 album Curao. couple, Connected Souls, takes a softer approach, highlighting Góngora’s full timbre with orchestral embellishments.

While Curao was looking for a frenetic, marimba-laden high beat, Connected Souls creates a more self-assured and holistic sound from Holland’s high-pitched string arrangements and an undulating key rhythm. Opener Doncella sets the tone with his sweeping-string melody and dramatic bass line, before Góngora’s tenor takes the lead at El Chiclan, which references salsa. She then shows exactly why she has the honorary musical title of cantora, a term that illustrates her musical lineage, as her mother and grandmother were singers, on the album’s title track, weaving vocal runs through an intricate guitar melody from high register and singing. of the album’s central themes of the interconnectedness of humans and the energies of the natural world.

Throughout, Holland’s smooth production layers of polyrhythms, bowed strings, and plucked melody, always providing ample space for Gongora’s voice to rise above the musical foundation without being overwhelmed by its complexities. It’s a challenging interaction, but one that they both achieve with effortless poise, giving these tales of lost souls at sea, drunken revelry, and homeless romances an ornamental polish without losing their sense of tradition and ingrained authenticity.

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