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Quantum technologies on the rise in 3-5 years time

23% of organizations are working (or plan to work) on leveraging quantum technologies with the goal of developing at least one major business application in the next three to five years.

This is revealed by the new Capgemini study, which highlights the different levels of maturity of quantum technologies in relation to the intended applications.

“Recent advances in quantum technologies tell us that a new era for computing, sensors and cybersecurity is about to arrive in the next 5 years. Our research confirms that more and more organizations are learning about this technology and experimenting with real-life applications of quantum technology,” comments Pascal Brier, Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini and member of the Group Executive Committee.

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Although the vast majority of organizations working on quantum started more than two years ago, 28% of them confess to having done so in the last two years. In general, quantum technologies are starting to move out of research settings into real-world applications:

  • among organizations working on quantum, almost 20% have reached the implementation phase
  • 23% have identified relevant use cases and are preparing for implementation

These companies aim to harness the technology in a variety of ways, from improving sustainability in operations and discovering new materials for battery manufacturing, to information security, to medical sensors and mitigating harmful industrial gases. .

23% of organizations globally are working on or planning to use quantum technologies, moving from scientific research to real-world solutions

The report highlights that quantum technologies have reached different levels of maturity in terms of their intended applications:

  • Quantum computing has the greatest potential of all the quantum domains, but it is also the least advanced. The pace of development has accelerated, fueled by investor interest, expanding use cases, and technological advances. On average, most organizations working on quantum believe that the first commercial applications of quantum computing will be ready in five years.
  • Quantum communications could address new information security requirements, in particular to secure the exchange of information with external agents, protect critical infrastructure (IoT and Cloud-enabled technologies) within the organization or secure data centers in the Cloud. Quantum cryptographic solutions are already being implemented. Yet 58% of organizations working on quantum are waiting for standards to emerge before prioritizing quantum security.
  • Quantum sensors are more specialized, but they are also more developed. As they get smaller, More energy efficient and cheaper, sensors could play a transformative role across industries. Quantum sensors can accelerate measurement accuracy, particularly in the healthcare and diagnostics, defense, automotive, civil engineering, construction, oil and gas, space, and telecommunications industries.
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