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«Quantum» won at Scarlino and regained the lead of the 52 Super Series


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The last day of competition of the Royal Cup 52 Super Series Scarlino began with two boats separated by a single point at the head of the provisional. After eight races, Sled led Quantum Racing by just a few points, with the ever-dangerous Phoenix a further three points behind. The menu of two races would test the temperance of the crews in a race course unanimously defined as complicated and unpredictable. The Tuscan coast said goodbye to the third visit of the 52 SUPER SERIES (after 2016 and 2017) with a good Mistral that was going to go from less to more.

On the first outing, 16 knots. Platoon and Provezza started out leading the charge, but it didn’t take long for Quantum Racing to dispose of Sled and put themselves in a position to neutralize their one point deficit to Takashi Okura’s boat. A photo finish finish allowed Platoon to achieve its second partial victory of the week just a couple of meters ahead of a Quantum Racing that became the new leader, two points ahead of Sled, fifth in this race. Everything was going to be decided in the last round.

sled gets complicated

The wind rose to the edge of 20 knots for the last race of the series. Quantum Racing took the left end of the line, the wild card of the week, closely followed by Sled to start a choreography that matched both boats throughout the first leg. Scarlino’s title was at stake. Takashi Okura’s boat was ahead at the first mark on the course, but had to be penalized for an incident with his arch-rival to see his title chances evaporate. In the third stage, Quantum Racing dedicated himself to marking Sled to avoid surprises. The test was won by a solid Provezza, followed at the finish line by Platoon.

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It was enough for Quantum Racing to score a fourth to confirm its second victory at Scarlino (it won in 2016), snatched in extremis from a Sled that was returning to port with its worst day of the week (5+7).

Don Cowie, team manager of Sled, tried to relativize the result: “We are disappointed of course, but a podium finish in this fleet is a great result. We’re disappointed with today, but we’re still fighting.”

Worked podium for Platoon

Harm Müller-Spreer’s Platoon finished third. The German boat, which came to occupy the eighth position on the second day, snatched the podium of the event from Phoenix with an excellent final day (1+2).

Víctor Mariño, a Platoon crew member, recognized the importance of this result for his team: “Starting an event with a new tactician on board, coming from results that were not as good as we expected, and finishing on the podium is very positive. Little by little, Vasco (Vascotto) has found his place, communication on board has been improving, and the results have been seen. It’s about getting the team back in gear, restoring the confidence we lost at the start of the season. I think that if we continue to work with Vasco and in the style that he is giving us, Barcelona can be a great event for us. I think Platoon will be back on top.”

Winner and new leader

Quantum Racing’s victory is doubly important. On the one hand, it means scoring his third title of the season (after Baiona in May and Cascais in June); on the other, it is equivalent to recovering the lead in the provisional 52 Super Series 2022 that he had lost to Phoenix last July in Puerto Portals.

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Quantum Racing tactician Terry Hutchinson was enthusiastic about this hard-fought win: “I think the whole team feels it’s been a very, very tough week. The way the team got through the bad times (at Portals) was rewarded with yesterday’s partial victory and a good day to finish. It’s a well-deserved victory and we have to give a great score to our entire team. It’s good to see that I ran the boat at Portals and we finished fourth, and that Doug (DeVos, owner) has won every race he’s run the rod in.”

The season is decided in Barcelona

Completed the fourth event of the 52 Super Series 2022, the fleet is already thinking about the last appointment of the year. The Barcelona Sailing Week (October 24 to 29) will decide the absolute title with a program of ten tests. In the general of the circuit, Quantum Racing leads Phoenix by five points after 38 partial.


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