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Quartararo, after winning the World Cup: “I have cried and screamed a lot”

The French Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha YZR M 1) was proclaimed world champion of MotoGP on one of his worst weekends thanks to the fall of his opponent, the Italian Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia, reason why he stated that “It’s not the way” you would have liked to win the championship, but that he is a champion and feels “super happy”.

“The truth is that I have already lost a little voice and I have cried a lot, I have screamed and I feel wonderful, because when I have crossed the finish line the bad memories that I have passed have come back to me and being proclaimed MotoGP champion is something that I couldn’t wait when just a few years ago I was suffering a lot, “recalls the French Yamaha rider.

“I have never classified myself so badly, fifteenth, in the most important race of my life And even though we chose good tires, the hard one would have been better for us, but I’m happy with how the race went, even if I hadn’t won the championship I’m very happy for this race. The championship is something extra, “explains Quartararo about the strategy used.

“Last year we fought to have the factory motorcycle, but because of the covid-19, the motorcycle was worse than the one in 2019 and this year I felt better with the front end and that is what has made it possible for me to win this one. year, “he says fourth rare.

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Constancy, essential

“We have to improve the power, but the feeling I had when braking when overtaking has been a lot this year. It is true that we still have to improve, but I felt fused with the bike. I am enjoying riding”, it states.

[Consulta la clasificación general de MotoGP]

“Consistency has been the key, we have finished all the races, scoring points in all, even in Jerez with the arm problem and I think that in 2021 it was the same as in 2019, but faster,” acknowledged the French champion.

To Fabio Quartararo, the most important moment of the season has been “Mugello, because Bagnaia was super fast “and he had a battle with Zarco that he won.” Esr was a key moment, because I regained a lot of confidence. ”

“And the most difficult moment for me was 2016 and 2017 and a moment that helped me wake up was Argentina, when I qualified 28th, I was next to the safety car and that moment was a turning point for me and the moment when The one I said ‘wake up’, but my riding style didn’t work in Moto2, I talked to my team, I told them that I was going to change and that I would need time, and from that moment we finished all the races in the top ten and gave a step forward, “he narrated.

“A little more power”

Quartararo said he did not know if the Yamaha was the best motorcycle because he has not tried the others “but if we look at the comments of the rest of the pilots it seems that no, but it’s working pretty well for me; we are world champions together and we can be happy. ”

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“I feel very good on the bike, I have difficulties in some areas and sometimes it is difficult for me to overtake, but with a little more power we could have the best bike without a doubt, “says Quartararo convinced.

“Last year in Valencia I was very irritated because I had many problems everywhere and I have realized that this attitude is worthless and when you are angry, it is when you can express your problems worst and what happens to the motorcycle and this year, for example in Assen, Viñales was half a second faster than me in practice but I kept calm and was able to win the race “, recalled the Yamaha rider.

Fabio Quartararo with the tiktoker Khaby Lame. EFE

With the title in your pocket, Fabio Quartararo admits having had to give up “many things”; “I have had to give up many things, especially with my parents and when I was little my father worked from Monday to Friday and on the weekend we would go to train. ”

“My mother would stay home alone and when she came back, she would train with my brother, because he was a bit fat and at one point I saw that I had to stop eating hamburgers from McDonalds,” he continued.

“When I was 13 I moved to Spain without my family and I did not have a normal childhood, That’s why it has been more difficult, but in reality, when you are younger, you find it funny not to be with your family because you feel older, but now it is hard. I have not had a normal childhood but I do look at where I have come and I consider it good. I have matured very quickly but it was not easy, “he said.

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Quartararo is the first French champion in the category and for that reason he said he felt “great”. “Two hours after the race, I still get excited when I see the special helmet, the blackboard and I remember everything we have achieved. I am only 22 years old and I am already a world champion.”

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