Sunday, December 5

Queralt Castellet’s bronze at the World Cup

They say that the third time is the charm and that’s how it has been for Queralt Castellet In a high-voltage final at the Snowboard and Freeski World Championships in Aspen, USA, he won the bronze medal.

The competition began with difficult windy conditions and with the first snowflakes beginning to fall and in which everything indicated that the strategy to follow would be to try to ensure in the first round in anticipation that a more intense snowfall would make the final more difficult. to three descents.

But the first two rounds did not accompany the ‘rider’ from Sabadell. The first one started by falling on the first trick and the second one falling again. Meanwhile, a dresser Chloe kim seemed to lock in the gold from the start. Nevertheless, Queralt has competed in a ‘pipe’ that she likes, that she is very good at, that is known by heart and that, in addition, she had already seen her win a gold in the X Games last year, becoming the only Spanish woman in get it and all these factors have kept hope alive until the very end.

Luckily, the snowfall gave a truce in the final round and Castellet He has gone out for all in an all or nothing, since only his performance and that of Chloe Kim remained – who already had the gold assured – and he left after a great performance of Maddie mastro who seemed to have clinched the silver with a final round of 89.00 points.

Final reaction

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But, for something she is called the ‘magician of Sabadell’ and that is precisely what she has done, to do magic as she well knows, saving the best for last and executing a round of six tricks, much more technical and difficult than the one of the japanese Sena Tomita, to which he snatched the bronze at the last moment.

“I am super happy. Very happy, the truth is that it has been a tachycardic and very complicated final. I have not managed to iron neither the first nor the second round, so in the third and last it was all or nothing” he commented Queralt after hanging the medal. “I came out practically shaking, but I knew I could do it well. I came down with a lot of nerves and pressure, but I went for everything and I am very excited to have won the medal and to make the podium in a competition as important as this and in a year in which everything is much more complicated, “she added.

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