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“Quit your job now” advises the “Wolf of Wall Street” on TikTok to a young man with a salary of $ 60,000

Jordan Belfort stepped foot in jail accused of securities fraud and money laundering, today he offers motivational talks and financial advice.

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Jordan Belfort, the investor known as the “Wolf of Wall Street”, went viral with a video on TikTok, in which he responds to a young man who asked him for advice on what is the best thing to do, because earns a salary of $ 60,000 a year with a 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. hours.

Belfort, who is considered an expert and offers finance lectures to large and interested audiences because of his aggressiveness in doing business, replied to the young man that the best thing he could do is “Quit that job”, “think big” and “get something better.”

“You will never get rich, you will never get ahead in life or have financial security if you work for someone else with a salary that follows schedules,” said the former stockbroker.

In the video, the “Wolf of Wall Street” explains that in the past it was customary to tell people to get a good job, keep it for 30 years and retire: “Today that will be enough to just pay their diapers, while in a nursing home. You will die or retire without money, and you will not have independence, you will depend on other people and the social system, if it is still there”.

The investor ensures that it is important to think big and visualize yourself as investors. He assures that it is important to have a “lateral push”, which helps to get the 25-year-old out of the tough job competition.

Get a second source of income. Wherever: real estate, investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, … start getting a second source of income and then make a slow transition to that full time “

Jordan Belfort.

The comments on TikTok have not been long in coming, some coincide with the words of the speaker that it is important to undertake and achieve financial freedomBut for other users it is better to have a secure job and income, while still others question Belfort’s reputation for having been in jail after committing financial fraud.

Jordan Belfort, was played by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, in which it is revealed that he began his career selling penny stocks to unsuspecting people and was accused of securities fraud and money laundering, for which he was imprisoned and after almost two years in prison he was released and today he offers motivational talks and financial advice.

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