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R3CAV: autonomous vehicles with 5G technology

connected vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles will not only change the way we travel, they will also decisively affect the automotive industry and brands.

Based on this, MASMOVIL, ALSA, GMV, INDRA, MASERMIC, RENAULT GROUP and SIGMA have launched the R3CAV project, which positions the partners at the forefront of the technologies needed to develop future autonomous and connected vehicles.

The initiatives that are already being worked on are: a prototype of an autonomous vehicle for the industrial environment at the Renault Factory in Palencia and a vehicle whose future functionality will be an autonomous shuttle.

Autonomous vehicles with 5G

After a start marked by a pandemic context, the partners have held their first face-to-face work meeting at the Renault Group R&D Center in Valladolid to continue advancing in this ambitious project, which is part of the National Recovery Plan , Transformation and Resilience.

MASMOVIL, ALSA, GMV, INDRA, MASERMIC, RENAULT GROUP and SIGMA join forces to develop autonomous and connected vehicles with 5G technology

Financed with the “Next Generation EU” funds, which aims to contribute to the development of relevant technologies for application in the automotive field; enable a rapid recovery of the sector based on the strengthening of innovative capacities and address the challenges of sustainable mobility, zero emissions and connected and autonomous vehicles.

R3CAV Project

Specifically, the project will address the following 3 challenges:

  • The development of a new prototype level L4; highly automated vehicles capable of operating in controlled environments, capable of managing complex interactions with the environment thanks to the help of an advanced infrastructure, which will be a redundant source of information for the vehicle.
  • The development of a new autonomous and connected electric vehicle platform for the future application as an adaptable and modular shuttle for the transport of people on urban circuits, whose level of automation will grow progressively from level L2 (advanced driving assistance systems) to L3 (with low supervision).
  • The development of 5G communications technology for connected vehicles such as an advanced driver assistance system. This challenge aims to inform and recommend the most appropriate actions to the driver, taking control of the vehicle if necessary.
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Specifically, the MASMOVIL Group will lead the “5G connectivity and vehicle and infrastructure security” working group that covers: the design of the mobility services architecture, the design and development of a heterogeneous dynamic connectivity platform and the integration of Slicing systems, the optimization of 5G/G5 heterogeneous connectivity technologies and cybersecurity in the vehicle and infrastructure.

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