Thursday, September 23

Racism in the United States: What were the “sunset” cities and why are they part of the stark legacy of racial discrimination

  • Patricia Sulbarán Lovera
  • BBC News Mundo correspondent in Los Angeles


A sign posted in Detroit, Michigan, in 1942 in front of a social housing project that says “We want white renters in our white community.”

When Tanita Harris-Logins moved with her family to a city in California, her acquaintances began to ask her what she was doing there and that made her suspicious.

“They were very surprised that a black person lived there,” he tells BBC Mundo.

She had come with her family from Orlando, Florida, to Glendale, a city in north Los Angeles, attracted by a job that came to her husband.

Harris-Logins noted that the place had a good school district for their three children and that ended up convincing them to move in 2008.

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