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Radical Islamist immigrants are detected wandering around Palma due to the difficulty of their return

In the last weeks a barrage of boats has arrived in Mallorca from Algeria. Many of these small vessels were intercepted by the radar of the Comprehensive External Surveillance System (SIVE), when entering the waters of Cabrera.

From this moment on, the Civil Guard troops who detected these immigrants placed them in the hands of the Immigration agents of the National Police. These initiated the corresponding return file to return them to their country of origin. The procedure established for these cases, which does not materialize.

The impossibility of meeting the deadlines, a maximum of 60 days, to process the return to Algeria has led the Prosecutor’s Office not to request admission to an immigrant detention center. These facilities are overflowing and, in advance, the impossibility of transferring them to their country of origin with the corresponding police surveillance.

Without the request for internment of the prosecutor and without any criminal motive that supports an alleged entry into prison, the judicial decision is doomed to dictate his immediate release on the streets of Palma.

Researchers have run into ex-combatants in the Syrian War who have just arrived on the island

Researchers have run into ex-combatants in the Syrian War who have just arrived on the island


However, when filing newcomers some disturbing data they came up in the databases. Some of them had become radicalized and did not hide their affinity with the terrorist group calling itself the Islamic State. By cross-checking this information, the researchers found that some of these subjects were veterans in the War of Syria.


Meanwhile, other individuals were plunged into a marginal situation before embarking for Mallorca. The investigations determined that these subjects had their residence established in the mountains of Algeria. Some had already dragged a long history of addiction to drugs

The first estimates suggest that some 70 people who arrived in Mallorca in recent weeks would respond to this conflictive profile. Upon being released, their irregular status ‘without papers’ would prevent them from accessing a job.

Many of these potentially conflictive immigrants circulate through the center of Palma. Others, on the other hand, have established on the beach of Palma to try to blend in with the crowd. Some of them go for perpetrate thefts on the beach to tourists during their stay in Mallorca.


  • Pateras: Researchers stumble upon Islamic State supporters

The investigations have revealed the presence of some subjects related to this newly arrived terrorist group.

  • Without detention: The prosecutor does not request this measure due to the impossibility of returning them to their country

By not being able to meet the deadlines for the return, the prosecutor does not request admission to a detention center.

  • Marginality: These people swarm the streets of Palma

Unable to work, these people circulate around Palma and some steal in s’Arenal.

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