Sunday, June 26

Raffaella Carrà: the iconic Italian artist dies at 78

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Raffaella Carrà

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The iconic Italian singer, actress and presenter Raffaella Carrà died this Monday at the age of 78.

“Raffaella has left us. He has gone to a better world, where his humanity, his unmistakable laugh and his extraordinary talent will remain forever,” Sergio Japino, who was his partner for many years, wrote in a statement.

Carrà, who enjoyed great popularity in Latin America and Spain In the 1970s and 1980s, I had been battling illness for a while.

“For some time, the disease attacked his body, so tiny but so full of overflowing energy,” wrote Japino, who highlighted “his unstoppable strength, which imposed him at the top of the world star system, and an iron will that never he abandoned her to the end, making sure none of her deep suffering leaked out. ”

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