Wednesday, December 8

Raiders owner Mark Davis wants the NFL to release the findings of the Washington soccer team investigation

Raiders owner Mark Davis broke his silence Wednesday regarding the NFL investigation that led Raiders coach Jon Gruden to resign.

Gruden resigned following the emergence of emails he wrote from 2011 that included racist, homophobic and misogynistic language. The emails were in correspondence with former Washington soccer team president Bruce Allen and were discovered as part of the NFL investigation into Washington’s toxic work environment.

The league, which reviewed about 650,000 emails, fined Washington $ 10 million. Owner Dan Snyder has also not participated in the daily activities of his team. No other team or individual has been implicated or punished as a result of the investigation.

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Since Gruden resigned on October 11, Davis had yet to speak publicly about the investigation or its impact on his organization. The NFL owners meeting began Tuesday and the topic of the NFL’s Washington investigation was a big talking point, even if the report was made public. However, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell quashed that notion, and announced that the report would not be made public.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Davis met with several members of the media to discuss his thoughts on the investigation’s findings. During his availability to the media, he expressed his desire that the league release the findings of his investigation.

At this time, there is only an oral report of the findings. Davis said he believes the report should be released for the public to see.

“I think there should be (a written report), yes. Especially with some of the things that, I suppose, were charged,” Davis said. via ESPN. “Yes, I think so, I think people deserve (a written report), especially the people who were, quote, victims.”

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So far, only the information from Gruden’s emails has been released. Since Goodell’s announcement Tuesday that the report would not be written, some former WFT employees have lobbied for the findings to be released. Davis is the first NFL owner to lobby publicly for this.

During his conversation with the media Wednesday, Davis was asked if he felt the Raiders had received special attention regarding the investigation, almost as if they were being singled out.

“We are Raiders,” Davis replied. “We are used to this and that is what our life is about. But it is disappointing.”

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Davis admitted that the NFL did not inform Davis and the Raiders organization of its findings about Gruden. Instead, Davis found out in a phone interview with the Wall Street Journal just one day before the emails were leaked. This was the part that bothered him.

“I think if we had gotten the information earlier in the summer, when (the NFL) found out, it would have been a lot easier for everyone involved,” Davis said. “So we could have done something before the season, instead of in the middle of the season.”

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