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Raisi questions at the UN the US commitment to the resumption of the nuclear pact with Iran

  • “Can we really trust without guarantees that this time the commitments will be fulfilled?” Asks the Iranian president after accusing Washington of “trampling and abandoning” the pact

  • He avoids talking about the protests over the death at the hands of the police of Mahsa Amiri and promises to seek justice for the murder of Suleimani

The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi assured this Wednesday in his first face-to-face intervention before the United Nations General Assembly that his country is “serious” in its bid to revive the multilateral agreement on its nuclear program but has put in doubt the commitment of the United States in that revival.

The US trampled and abandoned the agreement, not Iran“, Raisi said, referring to the abandonment of the pact reached in 2015 under the Barack Obama administration that Donald Trump decided unilaterally. “Our only wish is that the commitments be fulfilled, but can we really trust without guarantees that this time Will they comply?”, he raised.

The leader of Tehran since 2021 has also assured that Iran has been “extremely flexible” in the negotiations and has defended that “the Islamic Republic of Iran does not seek to manufacture or obtain nuclear weapons”, assuring that “they have no place” in its doctrine. He has also criticized the sanctions, denouncing their impact on the Iranian population and comparing them with massive destruction weapons. And he has questioned both Washington and Europe, both in terms of an agreement that the participating powers know is “elusive” and in positions that he has branded as “militaristic.” “They confuse militarism with security“, he said, accusing the US of “having pursued its interests at the expense of other countries”.

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In the intervention, of 40 minutes, the president has also denounced that they apply double measuring sticks and has denounced, for example, that although Iran has 2% of nuclear activity, it is where 35% of inspections take place. He has also singled out Israel, whose nuclear activity is secret.

Protests and Suleimani

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At a time of political tension in Iran, with protests rocking the country since Mahsa Amiri’s death on Friday at the hands of morality police after being arrested for wearing the veil in a way authorities deemed improper, Raisi has shied away from mentioning what happened (which he has promised to investigate) or the demonstrations. Instead, she has assured that in Iran they are “defenders of fight against injustice in all its forms“.

At another point in the speech (during which the representative of Israel left the plenary to protest his Holocaust denial), Raisi has shown the photo of General Qasim Suleimani, killed in Iraq in 2020 in an operation approved by Trump. “The proper pursuit of justice in the face of a crime that the President of the United States authorized will not be abandoned. We seek justice through a fair tribunal.”

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