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Rams’ Cooper Kupp explains how he’s risen to stardom since ’embarrassing’ rookie year

Cooper Kupp’s 2021 season will turn out to be one of the best in NFL history. The Rams’ top wide receiver is on track to break Calvin Johnson’s receiving yards record of 1,964 and Michael Thomas’s receiving record of 149 during the 17-game NFL first season and his first year with Matthew Stafford.

How has Kupp achieved such a rapid promotion after posting just one 1,000-yard drive in his first four NFL seasons? For him, it comes down to a couple of key factors.

“I’ve been with some really good soccer players and I’ve had a few more opportunities to get the ball in my hands, and I think it comes down to those things,” Kupp said. Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated weekend.

Without a doubt, Kupp has had more opportunities. He’s been attacked 177 times in 15 games this season and has a whopping 33 percent on target percentage as Stafford’s primary weapon and safety blanket. Clearly, the relationship between the two has led to Kupp’s success.

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As for the internal factors that have helped him, Kupp explained that his rise to stardom has not been caused so much by massive improvement in any one area. Instead, it’s been a collective five-year process of adjusting things to become one of the best pass receivers in the NFL.

“I’m not sure I can pinpoint one specific thing,” Kupp said of his improvement. “I look back on my rookie year, and it’s embarrassing to see the tape of my rookie year. And I would like to think that at the end of each year, as I looked at the entire season and tried to reflect on what the year was like, what kinds of things I saw about myself, I would just try to make things better. that [were] most important to improve. And I just take that mindset year after year, I try to get better and better. I never feel comfortable being in whatever it is that I’m doing. Without ever believing that I have arrived. So I have adopted that mentality. “

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Kupp is being a bit harsh in calling his rookie season “embarrassing.” He still caught 62 passes for 869 yards and five touchdowns and was one of the most productive young receivers in the NFL during the 2017 season after being selected in the third round from eastern Washington. He certainly pales in comparison to where he is now, but so would the rookie year for most top-tier receivers in the NFL.

The Rams have certainly appreciated Kupp’s performance, as his success has been tied to his performance. He is 8-1 on the season when he has over 100 receiving yards, so the Rams should have every reason to continue funneling goals into him as he seeks to break the records of Thomas and Johnson.

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That said, Kupp admitted that he hasn’t paid much attention to the records he’s chasing. He’s more focused on helping the Rams spearhead what has been a hyper-competitive NFC West run.

“I don’t have social media on my phone, so the only time I hear about it is when you tell me about it,” he said.

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