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Ranking of the best Raiders coach candidates to replace Jon Gruden in 2022

Jon Gruden is back as coach of the Raiders. The first time, in 2002, he was traded to the Buccaneers and won a Super Bowl. The second time, in 2021, he resigned, just three seasons and five games in a 10-year, $ 100 million deal.

Gruden’s coaching (and NFL broadcast) career is probably over at 58 after a New York Times report revealed old emails in which he used homophobic and misogynistic language from 2010, when he was on “Monday. Night Football “on ESPN, until 2018, when he was rehired by the Raiders.

Although the Raiders will be turning to Rich Bisacca as interim coach for the remainder of the season to try to help a 3-2 team make it to the AFC playoffs, the search for a full-time replacement in 2022 begins now. Here’s our ranking of the top eight potential hires:

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1. Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs offensive coordinator (age: 52)

This could be an excellent opportunity to get your long-time promotion from Andy Reid’s staff to arch-rivals the Chiefs in the AFC West. Las Vegas should want to take a page from Kansas City’s success around Patrick Mahomes and work to install a more dynamic offense that makes better use of tight end Darren Waller and his young, fast wide receivers. The Raiders could also consider teaming Bieneimy with a rookie franchise quarterback against Derek Carr.

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2. Kellen Moore, Cowboys offensive coordinator (age: 33)

Moore is the child prodigy who is calling the plays for the explosive, balanced and versatile attack of Dak Prescott and Dallas. He can also bring many more advantages to the Raiders’ offensive weaponry, whether Carr is still in the driver’s seat next season or not. Like Bieniemy, Moore is a native West Coaster who should find it appealing to make the early leap into the glamorous desert.

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3. Joe Brady, Panthers offensive coordinator (age: 32)

Along the same lines is Brady, just a year younger than Moore and a potential-wise coach in the style of Sean McVay. It’s okay to start over young for the Raiders with a maverick approach, something the great Al Davis would love. There’s the same logic behind Brady as the two guys above: someone who could work to bring the Raiders to the offensive level of the Chiefs and Chargers sooner rather than later.

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4. Jerod Mayo, linebackers coach for the Patriots (age: 35)

The Raiders defense has gone in a better direction, but they should also consider taking advantage of Bill Belichick’s training tree on the other side of the ball. Mayo can be a motivational former master player and have Las Vegas play with discipline and toughness all over the place. You’ve been eager to make the leap as an organized leader and should at least get an in-depth interview.

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5. Byron Leftwich, Buccaneers offensive coordinator (age 41)

File Leftwich under Bieniemy, Moore and Brady. He has the Super Bowl champion ring working with Tom Brady. The former Jaguars quarterback should pique the interest of Mark Davis and Mike Mayock, who is also ready for his big shot.

6. Brian Daboll, Bills offensive coordinator (age 46)

If the Raiders can’t figure out who is working with Mahomes, Prescott and Brady, then they should be interested in the man behind making the most of Josh Allen’s passes and runs. Again, looking for a dynamic dual threat to upgrade from Carr could come with this scenario.

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7. Matt Eberflus, Colts defensive coordinator (age: 51)

Here’s a second defensive candidate to consider, as Eberflus has also been the short list for many teams. He’s another smart, organized motivator who would fit in nicely in Las Vegas, going from the Frenk Reich staff like Nick Sirianni did for Philadelphia.

8. Doug Pederson, former Eagles head coach (age: 53)

Speaking of Philadelphia, the Raiders should also consider bringing Pederson back to the league. Despite how things turned out with the Eagles, Pederson still has that Super Bowl 51 ring on his finger. He could work well with Mayock to bring the Raiders to the playoff level and another way to connect with the Reid Chiefs.

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