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Raphy Pina is found guilty of illegal possession of weapons

Natti Natasha y Raphy Pina.

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It took place this December 22 in the Federal Court in Hato Rey, in Puerto Rico, Raphy Pina’s last hearing to know the deliberation process against him for illegal possession of weapons and, after three hours of trial, it has been revealed that was found guilty.

Therefore, Judge Francisco Besosa indicated that Pina will be under house arrest with a shackle until next April 1, 2022.

Besosa gave the instructions to the jury made up of seven women and five men, while the federal prosecutor’s office and the defense attorneys presented their respective final arguments, supported by the evidence presented in room 2 of the Court for six days.

The audio of a call from Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves, his birth name, would have determined everything, because in this he is heard saying to an employee of his: “I have all kinds of things in there, my pistols, rifles, bullets”.

A very disturbing panorama, not only for the businessman but also for his entire family, since the charges he faces expose him up to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Since April 1, 2020, the couple of Natti Natasha faced a complex judicial situation when FBI officials found in his residence in Caguas Real, Puerto Rico, a 9-millimeter Glock-type pistol modified to fire automatically, a Smith & Wesson 40-caliber pistol and a total of 526 ammunition of various gauges.

What was rated as illegal possession of weapons and it cost the producer a series of subpoenas to court to establish his next sentence.

Last week Raphy Pina’s legal team sought to dismiss him from the allegations, but the allegation was overturned.

Raphy was accompanied in the reading of the verdict by Daddy Yankee, who at the entrance to the court expressed his solidarity with the producer and wished that he could spend with his daughter Vida Isabelle the little girl’s first Christmas.

In turn, the artist described Pina as “a warrior” and that at all times he emphasized: “Whatever happens, he has a friend and that his family is under my shield, there is no problem.”

Faced with this situation, the president of the record label Pina Records shared an image with his family where he claimed to trust “divine justice” and hoped it was not his last publication.

“God willing and that this is not my last post. This process has not been easy, but believe me that for what you are in these photos I am going to the last consequences. I have the faith and I know that God knows my heart, my dedication and my position ”, he wrote and Instagram.

Pina has had prior friction with the law: in August 2015 he was arrested and charged with 19 counts of bank fraud and money laundering.

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– Raphy Pina: “God willing and this is not my last post”

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