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“Raquítica!”, This is how fans describe the thinness of Adamari López

Adamari López fans react to her thinness and call her “Rickety” and “Palillo” after seeing her great weight loss.

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The spoiled presenter of the show Telemundo “Today”, Adamari LopezShe has received hundreds of compliments in recent weeks for the obvious weight loss she has experienced. To the point, that today her followers and fans, in the midst of hundreds of compliments and very impressed, called her: “Raquítica” and “Palillo”. This after the account of Instagram from the television program will post a photo where “Shorty“She wears a white and yellow dress that revealed her new figure.

With a smile from ear to ear, perfectly tanned skin and an impressive new image, Adamari López has left hundreds of followers speechless, who do not stop rewarding her for the evident effort she has made in recent months to lose the extra pounds that I had. It has not been easy and he has shown it since he started on the road to fight against being overweight, but the excellent results are obvious.

Even so, many of his fans assure that he even passed the expected objectives. “What changed this when it began to be novels”, “Wao how beautiful Ada is”, “She is going to disappear, she is rickety, don’t go overboard”, “Your outfit is very good”, “Every day more beautifulaaaa”, “You always shine like the sun ”,“ Chaparrita you look like a chubby or skinny stick, you are the most beautiful just the same ”,“ Healthier and more beautiful than ever ”,“ How beautiful..that skinny ”,“ Beautiful you have lost a lot, she is very beautiful both on the outside and inside. Blessings “,” Very skinny, for me she is beautiful being plump “and” I need to lose weight like youuuuuu “, were some of the criticisms and also flowers that were thrown at the beautiful Puerto Rican.

Just a few days ago, Adamari shared the massages she is undergoing and that have helped her lose weight. It is about the lymphatic drainage, which helps to expel the retained water and the toxins that the body accumulates. They have been working the area of ​​the thighs, arms, back, abdomen and of course, buttocks.

Regarding the wardrobe that he has used in “Hoy Día”, Last week it was not very successful and was the object of harsh criticism, among them they called it: “Vieja” and “Malpeinada” for wearing dresses that, according to her followers, did not favor her and a hairstyle that made her look like a girl.

If you have any doubts and whatever it may be, Adamari’s fans are always on the lookout for your every move, so it shouldn’t be an easy task to be in the shoes of one of the most spoiled women on Hispanic television.

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