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Raúl de Molina after being absent from El Gordo y la Flaca: “I don’t have to fool anyone”

Raul de Molina

Raul de Molina

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Raúl de Molina has days and days without appearing on El Gordo y La Flaca, the show and entertainment program of the Univision channel. The Cuban driver was replaced by the Mexican actor in hosting the program with Lili Estefan and Clarissa Molina while he took a few days off.

The disappearance of Raúl de Molina from the Univision screens has caused several rumors. Javier Ceriani, host of the Gossip No Like program, spoke about it:

“Everything has to do with everything and here Televisa plays an important role: Televisa does not want fat Molina,” he said Ceriani when talking about the salaries of Jorge Ramos, Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina and that they are the highest in Univision, a fact that the new owners of the channel do not like.

“The fat man knows that those from Televisa don’t want him. He arrives from Spain, spends a week on Univision, and suddenly disappears. Last Thursday Lili said ‘today the fat man has a day off’, she didn’t say vacation, on Friday she didn’t say anything, on Monday she said ‘the fat man is on vacation’… Are you going to go on vacation when Televisa is coming to take over Univision? Are you in Spain, why don’t you say so?

“Many say that the fat man is at home with covid, we don’t know that,” Ceriano added.

Given the rumors that arose around his disappearance from the program and the alleged contagion of covid-19, Raúl de Molina stated: “I don’t have to fool anyone”.

The Cuban presenter made this clarification in a comment on an Instagram post he made, in which he boasts of the delicious food he has tasted during these vacations in Spain.

What a pleasure to see @casalucio Lucio Blazquez at almost 89 years old in his restaurant, which is an institution of classic Spanish food. One of the iconic places in Madrid. Here with good friends, the Spanish producer @evaristocobos and his wife @andben88. See the ten photos by moving the screen from left to right”, Molina wrote next to a photo gallery, but it was in the comments that he clarified the situation after being asked about it.

Raúl say that you are infected? It’s true??” and he simply replied: “Those photos are from now. I don’t have to fool anyone.”

These are some of the other comments that have been left to the driver:

“Javier Ceriani talking bad about how always envious of Raúl”, “Do not pay attention to ill-intentioned comments. You are missed at the show. I am one of your fans and I think your interaction with Lily is excellent. No one can match them. And you missed Ninel’s visit Take care of yourself and come back soon ”, “But Lili says that you are in the office, which is the truth. Julián Gil said that you are on vacation, who cares.”

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