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Raúl Entrerríos: “I try not to think too much about the Games being my last competition”

Raúl Entrerríos in a match with the Spanish team.

Raúl Entrerríos in a match with the Spanish team.

The captain of the Spanish handball team, Raúl Entrerríos, acknowledged this Thursday that being in a Olympic Games “it’s a unique experience” and he’s trying not to “think too much” about what his last competition is, “difficult because it is very compressed and all the teams are very competitive.”

“The Games are a unique experience and you have to enjoy it from the first day, but it is always in the mind that it is my last competition as an active player. I am leaving it parked and without thinking much about it because the important thing is the competition”, Raúl Entrerríos pointed out at a press conference.

The Asturian knows that winning a medal at his farewell would be “very special.” “But not just for me. We are here to win it and achieve that very valuable goal. I have had a long career, but everything has an end and the stage to close that circle is Games and I try to enjoy it every day and keeping every little moment, “he stressed.” The objective is to try to go as far as possible, but always keeping in mind that it is the day-to-day that will mark us. We have to concentrate on Germany, which is our first objective, but we would like to reach the quarterfinals and be in the fight for medals, knowing that it is difficult because the Games are a compressed competition and all the teams are very competitive, “he remarked.

The central is clear that “they are all tough rivals“” There have been many powerful teams that have been in the fight for the medals in the last tournaments along the way, so you have to have the maximum respect for everyone, “he said. Anyway, he does not forget that” the core of the Europeans has reached the best positions “in the last Olympic events, but there are” non-Europeans who have improved their game a lot and you have to have all the respect in the world. ” what we can control and try to play our game, which is what has led us to reap the victories in the last championships, “he warned.

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“It is difficult to know how we would have arrived a year ago, but the dynamics were positive after having won the European Championship and qualifying directly. With the break we had to start work again, always on the same lines and with the same ambition. We have had important injuries to fundamental players along the way and it is a pity, but we have worked well and being faithful to what we have been until now. We are a compact and united group that aspires to always do good work, “said Entrerríos.

Finally, the captain of the ‘Hispanos’ recalled that they are already “very used” to all the restrictive measures that make them a ‘different’ Games. “We are already in this dynamic and we can enjoy them in the same way,” he admitted.

Ribera: “We have never had it so easy”

Along with the veteran player, coach Jordi Ribera appeared, who indicated that the team “has trained very well throughout different phases.” “We are a group that has been together for a long time since 2016. We have had significant injuries that slightly reduce the automaticity that has been generated, but we are very excited and eager“, he highlighted.

The Catalan described the first group as “complicated.” “But We have never had it easy and we have to go game by game, that is the objective that we are going to have. We are preparing well for the game against Germany and I hope things go well, “he explained.

The coach was asked about players ’15’, who makes a reserve and can enter at any time, and ’16’, who can only do so in case of injury. “Everyone wants to participate and knows the rules. The biggest problem is with the ’16’, especially because he is out of the group, he cannot be in the Villa, he is alone and he can only play due to injury or special circumstances. But the illusion of the players to be here is great and everyone knows their role at the moment, “he explained.

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