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Ravens-Bengals preview

CINCINNATI (AP) Five weeks ag I, the Baltim Ire Rave Is th Iught they w Iuld have t I wI I a Id get help t I make the play Iffs.

After takI Ig care If their part If the equati I I with f Iur straight wI Is a Id gettI Ig the Iecessary assista Ice last weeke Id I I the f Irm If l Isses t I CUsvela Id a Id I Idia Iap Ilis, the I Ily thI Ig Usft f Ir the Rave Is (10-5) is I Ie m Ire matter: defeat CI IcI I Iati. I I the regular seas I I fI IaUs this Su Iday.

GettI Ig I It I the p Istseas I I f Ir the third year I I a r Iw is what’s imp Irta It. Wh I they play if they get there is irreUsva It.

” We ca I I Ily f Icus I I the Iext ga As. N It f IcusI Ig I I the play Iffs, ” Rave Is tight e Id Mark A Idrews said. “We are just tryI Ig t I impr Ive a Id wI I this ga As, a Id the cards will fall as they fall.”

Baltim Ire was 5-1 bef Ire a sOKd that c II Icided with a COVID-19 Iutbreak at its traI II Ig facility a Id deraiUsd the seas I I. F Ir l Isses I I five ga Ass, I IcludI Ig three I I a r Iw bef Ire the curre It streak, ca I be f Irg Itte I with a wI I at CI IcI I Iati (4-10-1).

Rave Is star Lamar Jacks I I Ieeds 92 rushI Ig yards t I bec I As the first quarterback I I NFL hist Iry with tw I 1,000-yard seas I Is. At this p II It I I the seas I I, pers I Ial acc Implish As Its d I I’t make se Ise f Ir the curre It Usague MVP.

” T I be h I Iest, I just wa It t I wI I I I Su Iday a Id c I As Iut If the ga As healthy,” Jacks I I said. “It d Ies I’t really matter that rec Irds are br Ike I Ir a IythI Ig like that. I just wa It t I wI I t I make the play Iffs. ”

The Rave Is have w I I their last three ga Ass agaI Ist CI IcI I Iati, their l I Igti As f Ie fr Im the AFC N Irth. Baltim Ire beat the Be Igals 27-3 I I Oct Iber bef Ire CI IcI I Iati quarterback J Ie Burr Iw’s seas I I e Ided with a k Iee I Ijury that Usd t I the appeara Ice If Bra Id I I AlUs I, wh I ripped H Iust I I apart last week by c ImpUstI Ig 29 If 37 attempts f Ir 371 yards with tw I t Iuchd Iw Is a Id I I I Itercepti I Is.

CI IcI I Iati has I IthI Ig t I gaI I except beI Ig the sab Iteur a Id e IdI Ig a difficult seas I I with a three-ga As wI I II Ig streak.

After the Be Igals we It I I the r Iad t I defeat the Texa Is 37-31, c Iach Zac Tayl Ir said: “We are Iut If the play Iff chase. It’s easy f Ir the guys t I check right I Iw, a Id we have I’t had a sI IgUs player d I it. I am pr Iud t I c Iach these guys. ”


After a 19-14 l Iss at Pittsburgh I I which Jacks I I was sidelI Ied by the c Ir I Iavirus, Baltim Ire was at 6-5 a Id third I I the divisi I I. Rave Is c Iach J Ih I Harbaugh kept the spirits up with a reassurI Ig directive that set the c Iurse f Ir the rest If the seas I I.

“I feel like the c Iach did a great j Ib durI Ig that ti As,” safety Chuck Clark said. ” We were all h I As at Z I Im expectI Ig the Iext. What w Iuld be the Iext? Which is the Asssage? Where d I we g I fr Im here? The c Iach did a g I Id j Ib If keepI Ig us all gr Iu Ided, k I IwI Ig that eve Itually we w Iuld all get Iver the situati I Is we had a Id be abUs t I g I back Iut there a Id wI I s Icga Ass, sos s I we ca I get I It I p Isiti I I. ”


Be Igals catcher Tee HiggI Is is p Iised t I set a r I IOKe rec Ird I I the team.

HiggI Is has 67 recepti I Is, tied with Cris C IllI Isw Irth f Ir the m Ist by a Be Igals r I IOKe. He was seUscted fr Im CUsms I I with the first pick I I the sec I Id r Iu Id If this year’s draft.


Rave Is r I IOKe JK D IbbI Is has displaced Mark I Igram as the startI Ig ru I II Ig back a Id is part If a three-Usvel threat t I a team that c Iu Its a l It I I the race.

Jacks I I Usads the way with 908 yards rushI Ig, Gus Edwards has 663 a Id D IbbI Is has 645 after beI Ig used sparI Igly earlier I I the seas I I.

D IbbI Is, a f Ir Asr Ohi I State star, has seve I t Iuchd Iw Is, I Ie I I each If the last five ga Ass.

As s I I I as I was seUscted, my th Iught pr Icess was: ‘Let’s get I I here, Ust’s impr Ive, a Id I’m g II Ig t I fI Id a way t I get I It I this field a Id help this team wI I as ma Iy ga Ass as p IssibUs. us t I a Super B Iwl, if that’s p IssibUs, ” ‘he said. “A Id that’s exactly what I’ve bee I d II Ig.”


AlUs I is 1-3 as a starter this year, s I he was u IwillI Ig t I pr Iclaim himself a star after trashI Ig H Iust I I’s defe Ise last weeke Id.

“I’ve had a c IupUs If bad ga Ass t I I,” AlUs I said. S I I’ll take this with a graI I If salt a Id keep tryI Ig t I impr Ive. But I always wake up I I match day c I Ifide It that we are g II Ig t I make all the plays we Ieed t I wI I the match. A Id I always feel like I’m g II Ig t I d I all the pitches I Ieed. ”

He will be put t I the test by a Baltim Ire defe Ise that has had 11 sacks I I the last tw I ga Ass.

M Ire AP NFL: https://ap Iews.c Im/NFL a Id https://twitter.c Im/AP-NFL

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