Thursday, December 2

Rayo thrashes Granada

Rayo adds his first victory of the season.

Rayo adds his first victory of the season.

Rayo Vallecano unleashed its best version to the rhythm of Álvaro García, with Randy Nteka and Óscar Trejo as references, to sign his first goals in a single stroke on his return to the elite and achieve four (4-0) against an unknown Granada, who never had the necessary tension.

Vallecas returned in style to First with a Ray that annulled Granada in the first half to debut with a recital. Superior from the start, with an intensity that his rival could never match, whom he already hit before the three-minute mark. He had even given time to warn with a shot from Pathé Ciss for which they asked for the hand of Luis Milla, when Álvaro García’s verticality appeared to put Andoni Iraola’s team face to face.

His shot was poisoned with an unstoppable parable when it hit Victor Diaz. It was the first goal of the Rayista season in his third game, the first at home after two difficult outings against Sevilla and Real Sociedad. The first conditioned by the expulsion of Luca Zidane; the second yielding only from the penalty spot. An excessive punishment for the good feelings shown. He confirmed them in the reunion with his fans.

Granada did not appear. Surpassed in all facets, just a rise by Carlos Neva with a final center that Dimitirevski took out of fists was his offensive balance of the first act. Nor did he defend with order. No solutions to the movements between the lines of Randy Nteja and Trejo. In fourteen minutes, Rayo had left six arrivals and Aarón saved the second with a great hand down to a shot at Comesaña’s pleasure after a slate corner kick.

The doubt of the rival felt a Lightning that was launched by the meeting. Nteka demonstrated the reasons for his jump to First. He caused the penalty with two good cuts, which he sent to the net, after touching a post, Trejo, and scored the third on the edge of the break with quality, adjusting his shot with confidence to turn the second act into a formality.

He tried to pull off a Granada with pride that goes to the break without a single win and with Robert Moreno looking to print a style. The offensive presence increased with the entry of Jorge Molina, but the attempt to react was stopped dead by the crossbar. Luis Suárez’s chopped ball at 51 minutes was the most dangerous arrival.

The Granada ran excessive risks, unprotected before the speed of the lightning counterattack and after a warning whip from Trejo close to the squad, Comesaña put the fourth and the final point to the duel. Alvaro’s foray down the left culminated in a poisoned cross that Aarón deflected and, without adequate defensive tension, the Rayista midfielder headed at pleasure at the far post.

Vallecano Ray: Dimitirevski; Balliu, Saveljich, Catena, Fran García; Pathé Ciss (Óscar Valentín, m.57), Comesaña; Merquelanz (Isi, m.69), Álvaro García (Kevin Rodrigues, m.84); Trejo (Andrés Martín, m.69) and Randy Nteka (Bebé, m.84).

Granada: Aaron; Víctor Díaz (Quini, 63), Duarte, Germán, Neva; Montoro (Monchu, m.78), Luis Milla (Eteki, m.63), Gonalons; Antonio Puertas (Jorge Molina, m.46), Luis Suárez (Rochina, m.78) and Bacca.

Goals: 1-0, m.3: Álvaro García. 2-0, m.23: Trejo from a penalty. 3-0, m.43: Randy. 4-0, m.58: Comesaña.

Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (Extremeño School). He admonished Pathé (m.38) by the Ray; and Luis Suárez (m.27), Milla (m.33) and Antonio Puertas (m.33) for Granada.

Incidents: LaLiga Santander match of the third day played at the Vallecas Stadium before 583 spectators. A minute’s silence was observed for the Rayista members who died during the pandemic.

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