Thursday, April 15

RCD Espanyol maintains the lead with a comfortable win against Fuenlabrada

  • The parakeet team is unleashed at the RCDE Stadium in a masterful first half with goals from Raúl de Tomás, Embarba and Pulido on their own goal

  • The expulsion of Randy Nteka that caused the penalty that gave the blue and white club 1-0 facilitated the victory of the team coached by Vicente Moreno

  • De Tomás scored again in the second half to culminate the win and once again got hooked on the fight for the league’s top scorer

RCD Espanyol clings to the leadership of LaLiga SmartBank with an overwhelming win against Fuenlabrada at the RCDE Stadium (4-0), with a double of Raúl de Tomás. The Madrid team was left with one less player in the first minutes of the match.

The team coached by Vicente Moreno was faced with the game very soon with the expulsion of Nteka in the 17th minute. The VAR determined that the footballer prevented, with his hand, that the shot of Raúl de Tomás He entered the goal and saw the red card. RDT, the Madrid striker, who else, converted the penalty for the Blue and Whites.

The bad news continued for Fuenlabrada, since Pinchi had to retire due to injury. The scene of the meeting looked very placid for the parrots, who did not miss the opportunity to quickly sentence the men trained by José Luis Oltra.

In minute 29, Embarba He took advantage of a pass from David López to overcome Rosic. The local dominance was overwhelming and the difference in the score increased after an own goal of Polished, which deflected a powerful shot from Sergi darder after an exhibition of technique in which he left several rivals seated.

Espanyol had the game where they wanted, clearly controlled after playing the first 45 minutes. The blue and white revolutions dropped in the second half to dose efforts in a week of three encounters; I didn’t need more. However, the quality of the second division leader and the wear and tear of the rival, with one less for many minutes, tipped the balance even more. Raúl de Tomás he signed his second goal in the 65th minute and further widened the differences in the spotlight. The Madrilenian, with 18 goals, he gets hooked again in the fight for the top scorer.

The parrots had more opportunities to fatten the scoreboard from the hand of Wu Lei. The Fuenlabrada, for its part, practically did not disturb Diego López. In any case, the script of the meeting was fixed from the penalty executed by RDT and there was no option for surprises.


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Spanish: Diego López, Óscar Gil, Calero, Cabrera, Didac; Embarba, Darder, David López, Nico Melamed; Dimata, Raúl de Tomás. Technical: Vicente Moreno. Changes: Leandro Cabrera by Fran Mérida (m.45); Embarba by Vadillo and Wu Lei by Dimata (m.56); Pol Lozano by Darder (m.65); Matías Vargas for Melamed (m.72).

Fuenlabrada: Rosic; Mikel, Pulido, Diéguez, Antonio Crisitan; Oscar Pinchi, Ciss, Fuentes, Mula; Nteka and Borja Garcés. Technical: José Luis Oltra. Changes: Oscar Pinchi by Javier Espinosa (m.27); Mule by Salvador (m.48); Alejandro Sotillos by Míkel Iribas (m.53); Damián Cáceres by Borja Garcés (m.75); Pol Valentín by Pathé Ciss (m.75).

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