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read, sleep, grow vegetables and a pension of 15,000 euros

Correspondent in Berlin



When asked Angela Merkel What do you want to do after leaving the post of German Chancellor, he replies without hesitation: “Read.” But immediately calculate and specify: “Although my eyes will close, because I am very tired, so sleep.”

With great discretion and a sense of humor, he has concealed his plans for the post-16 years at the helm of the German Government. Only on occasion have you hinted that you would like to revisit one of the many universities that throughout these four legislatures he was awarded the doctorate ‘honoris causa’, giving rise to rumors about a possible return to the investigation, which has always interested him.

But if we stick to the little

What she has said on the matter, everything indicates that she will take some time off before making the decision. “I will not do more politics or work on conflict resolution,” she has recently recognized, jeopardizing the hopes of those who saw her at the head of an international organization, in continuity with her fight for multilateralism. “For many years I have been very busy with the agenda that my team prepared for me. It is the duty of the chancellor and I have done it with great pleasure “, he pointed out,” and now I am going to do what I want voluntarily, but what I want will only become evident in a few months. “

In any case, finances will not necessarily play a decisive role in the decision because it is quite well endowed. Merkel, who last July met 67 years, cobra 25,000 euros per month, to which are added the 10,000 euros per month as a deputy in the Bundestag, to which he has belonged for more than 30 years. When you stop working, you will continue to receive your Chancellor’s salary for three months and then half for a maximum of 21 months, as a transitional salary.

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Passion for Italy

its retirement pension It will be about 15,000 euros. Much more weight will surely have the plans of her husband, the quantum chemist and physicist Joachim Sauer, a highly decorated and respected scientist. Sauer has been a foreign member at the University of Turin since June and in the future it is likely that part of his professional life will be spent in Italy, a country that both of them love and where they usually go mountaineering on vacation. “Of course, Mr. Sauer is invited to seminars and conferences here. He immediately accepted our invitation, of which we are very happy and proud. Now we will work together “, has advanced a statement from the center.

They are also sure to spend more time at the ‘dacha’, the modest cottage in Uckermark, an hour from Berlin, in whose 50-square-meter garden Merkel gladly grows her favorite vegetables, “except cauliflower, because it attracts snails “, As she herself confessed.

The fact is that, like all former foreign ministers, Merkel has the right to a office and various employees in the Bundestag and has already applied for two clerks to run the office, two speaker posts, two more clerks, a secretary and two drivers. The two management positions in the office were classified in salary group B6, with a basic monthly salary of 10,412.79 euros. It is suspected that they will be occupied by his former office director, Beate Baumann, and his speechwriter, Eva Christiansen. In any case, you don’t need such an office to read or sleep, or to grow vegetables.

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